Khalti Digital Wallet was unavailable in the Google Play Store for 48 hours due to Google Play Developer Program Policies. 

Under “App content”, a section named “App access” states that “If parts of your app are restricted based on login credentials, memberships, location, or other forms of authentication, provide instructions on how to access them.”


So, what went wrong?

On January 07, 2022, at 17:42 NST, we sent a regular app update on Google Play Store. Soon after, we received the email from Google Play Store that our app has been disabled in Play Store. It was unusual for us to receive such information. The Email stated the reason along with details on how to fix it: 



The reason was the app login instruction we had previously provided to Google had changed, and they were unable to log in to the app. 



We updated the instruction to log in and followed the steps mentioned in the e-mail sent by them within a couple of minutes. 


Although it was mentioned 7 days, we were expecting it to take just a couple of hours to get back. However, as it happened to be a weekend (our guess), it took longer than expected. Luckily, it didn’t take 7 days and was back in 48 hours, for which we appreciate the Google Play Store team. 


Take Away

Our takeaway from this issue was how, sometimes, minor things can create chaos, but with patience and sticking to the guidelines, one can fix it. As a community, we encourage sharing such experiences with the developers so that we all can learn from each other. 

As we are constantly upgrading our App experience in response to our customers’ experience and changing environment, we always encourage our team to innovate and try new things. However, sometimes setbacks like the above can make us more vigilant and attentive. 

We are glad to be back again in the Google Play Store. 


Thank you,

Khalti Team.