Every year, you must take out time out of your busy schedule to renew your Bluebook. Look no further, because now with Khalti you don’t just get timely renewal service but also a Discount of Rs. 100 on service charge for the Bluebook Renewal Service. This offer is exclusive for subscribers of Khalti Membership – Khalti Pro and Khalti Club. 


Khalti Bluebook Service 

Khalti Bluebook Service provides secured and timely Bluebook renewal and Insurance services. The services we are providing in Khalti Bluebook Service are: 

  • Pick up and Drop 
  • Bluebook Renewal 
  • Vehicle Insurance 
  • Stamping

  This service is currently available inside Kathmandu Valley only. The service charge for bluebook renewal is Rs. 350 for two-wheelers and Rs. 500 for four-wheelers. Additionally, the offered discount is an even better deal.  The Discount of Rs.100 on service charge is only applicable for one-time use throughout a year.   


How to get a Discount on Bluebook Renewal Service? 

To take advantage of this offer, first, you need to become a Khalti user and have your KYC verified. The Discount offer is only available to Khalti Membership users, so,  follow these steps:   

  • Upgrade your app to Khalti Club or Khalti Pro
  • Tap on Offers & Benefits from your Khalti profile
  • Click on the ‘Coupons’
  • Tap on Bluebook Renewal Coupon
  • Get contact details from the section ‘How it works’ 
  • Share your Promo code to Khalti Team
  • Khalti Team will guide you for the further renewal process 


Contact us:

Whatsapp/Viber: 9801890083 (Chat Only)

FB Chat: m.me/khaltibluebook

Call: 01-5970053

Email: bluebook@khalti.com 


More about Khalti Membership

Khalti Membership is a subscription package where you can enjoy exclusive deals (Cashback and Benefits) in different services of Khalti. Here are the benefits of being a Khalti Pro and Khalti Club member: 


 Khalti Pro:  

  1. 2% Cashback on self-mobile Topup (same number as Khalti ID) 
  2. Send money for Free to Saved Bank Account
  3. Cashback up to Rs.1,000 on Movie and Event Tickets for 10 Months (valid for a year) 
  4. 2X Khalti Points on payments above Rs.150 
  5. Send money to other banks for free ( 5 Times a month) 
  6. Rs. 100 Cashback on Bluebook renewal (one-time only throughout the year)


Khalti Club:  

  1. upto Rs.1000 Cashback on Movies and Event Tickets
  2. Double Khalti Points than a normal Khalti users
  3. Rs. 100 discount on Bluebook renewal service

If you are not a Khalti Pro or Khalti Club user, you will miss out on these great offers and many more in the future. Hurry up and Sign up for a Khalti Membership.   


How Do I Become a Khalti Pro or Khalti Club User?

To subscribe to Khalti Membership, you can click on the Banner available on Khalti’s Home Screen. Fill in the required details and proceed to pay in order to subscribe. Your subscription will be unlocked instantly.    Your subscription will be renewed automatically after a year. However, you can cancel your auto-renewal anytime if you don’t want to renew your subscription. 


 Cashback on Bluebook Renewal  – Terms and Conditions   

  1. Subscribe to Khalti Pro or Khalti Club to be eligible for the exclusive offer
  2. Offer valid for one-time use only throughout the year

Don’t have Khalti? Download now For more updates about Khalti’s campaign, events, services, and offers, you can also follow us on our    official Facebook page, Youtube, Twitter, Viber, Linkedin, and Instagram.