Tired of standing in long queues at your local municipality tax office? If so, it is probably time for you to go digital. All it would take you is a few minutes! Just use the Khalti Digital Wallet App for online Inland Revenue tax payments in Nepal, and make your payments in a jiffy.

How to Make Inland Revenue Tax Payment Online in Nepal Using Khalti

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Inland Revenue Department official websitestep 1 for revenue tax payment
  2. Click on ‘Tax Payer Portal’step 2 for revenue tax payment
  3. Expand “General” and click on ‘Tax Payer Login’. You will see the taxpayer login dashboard.step 3 for revenue tax payment
  4. Enter your business PAN Number, username, and password to proceed further.
  5. Click on ‘Payment Voucher’step 5 for revenue tax payment
  6. Choose ‘Nepal Bank Limited’ as your preferred bank, type of revenue you want to file (one from income tax, value-added, tax, or excise duties), and revenue title. Similarly, select year of income, and click on ‘Generate Transaction Code’step 6 for revenue tax payment
  7. Re-check the payment details and click on ‘Confirm’step 7 for revenue tax payment
  8. Copy the Transaction Code, go to Khalti’s official website or the Khalti appstep 8 for revenue tax payment
  9. Scroll down to the ‘Government Services’ section, and tap on ‘FCGO’step 9 for revenue tax payment
  10. Paste your Transaction Code under EBP Number, enter the amount, and tap on ‘Get Details’step 3 for revenue tax payment
  11. Re-check the details and tap on ‘Check Out’ to complete the payment processstep 11 for revenue tax payment

With these simple steps, you will be able to pay Inland Revenue Tax within few minutes.

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