We are all aware that breaking any traffic rules can result in traffic fines and other penalties. From parking randomly in public places to overspeeding, heavy amounts of traffic fines are imposed. Paying those fines has been a very lengthy process in Nepal. Standing in the long queue of the traffic police office and then again going to deposit the amount in the bank, the struggle doesn’t stop here. Again the fine payer must go back to the police office department and deposit the slip to get back their respective documents. 

Is it difficult to pay traffic fines? Is it consuming your valuable time? Well, not anymore!!. With Khalti, you can now pay traffic fines right at the convenience of your home, college, or workplace. 


How to Pay Traffic Fine Online with Khalti  

Khalti provides a hassle free online traffic fine payment system. We eliminate the need to wait in line at the traffic police office, go to the bank, and again return back to the traffic police office. Now, just follow these simple steps to pay the fine. 

  1. Open Khalti app and click government services on homescreen
  2. Click traffic fine payment and fill in your chit number & select the chit issued date
  3. Check the information you provided and click “Ok” to proceed
  4. Select your payment channel and click on “Submit”
  5. Your fine is payment has been completed

Simple right? Pay traffic fines now from Khalti and go directly to the traffic office to get your license/bluebook !! 


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