Still visiting counters to pay your utility bills and missing the due date?

The market has become more advanced – there is a rise in electronic payment and online services .Today access to online payment services and digital wallets have made it easier for customers to pay their electricity bills, water bills, and internet bills more simply and securely, helping customers to adopt the digital payments and services.

We know that your  time is important, Khalti always aims to make the user’s life comfortable and convenient.


Easily pay your NTC ADSL bill online with just one tap.

Step 1: Register or login to the Khalti app or web 

Step 2: Go to Home Screen and tap on the internet icon

Step 3: Tap on the ADSL icon

Step 4: Enter your ADSL type and Landline Number.

Step 5: Tap on Pay 

Your NTC ADSL recharge will be done  successfully. You can easily download  receipt in Transaction History.


How to redeem coupon 

  1. Go to Homescreen of Khalti web or App
  2. Click on internet tap 
  3. Select your service operator 
  4. Fill in your information and click on Apply Promocode .
  5. Confirm the payment.
  6. Your NTC ADSL Recharge will be done  successfully.



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