Football fans have surely been electrified by this year’s World Cup, which is being hosted by Qatar and will feature 32 countries competing in 8 groups. This year’s World Cup is expected to be the largest one yet, with a record $42 million prize money for the winning squad, $30 million for the runner-up, and $27 million for third place. 

Look at the world cup match schedule to find out when your favorite team will play. Don’t miss any of your favorite teams’ games.


Group Stage Match Schedule (Nepali Time)


Sunday, 20th November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Qatar vs Ecuador 9:45 P.M


Monday, 21st November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
England Vs IR Iran 6:45 P.M
Senegal Vs Netherlands 9:45 P.M
USA Vs Wales 12:45 A.M


Tuesday, 22nd November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Argentina Vs S. Arabia 3:45 P.M
Denmark Vs Tunisia 6:45 P.M
Mexico Vs Poland 9:45 P.M
France Vs Australia 12:45 A.M



Wednesday, 23rd November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Morocco Vs Croatia 3:45 P.M
Germany Vs Japan 6:45 P.M
Spain Vs Costa Rica 9:45 P.M
Belgium Vs Canada 12:45 A.M


Thursday, 24th November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Switzerland Vs Cameroon 3:45 P.M
Uruguay Vs South Korea 6:45 P.M
Portugal Vs Ghana 9:45 P.M
Brazil Vs Serbia 12:45 A.M


Friday, 25th November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Wales Vs Iran 3:45 P.M
Qatar Vs Senegal 6:45 P.M
Netherlands Vs Ecuador 9:45 P.M
England Vs USA 12:45 A.M


Saturday, 26th November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Tunisia Vs Australia 3:45 P.M
Poland Vs S Arabia 6:45 P.M
France Vs Denmark 9:45 P.M
Argentina Vs Mexico 12:45 A.M



Sunday, 27th November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Japan Vs Costa Rica 3:45 P.M
Belgium Vs Morocco 6:45 P.M
Croatia Vs Canada 9:45 P.M
Spain Vs Germany 12:45 A.M


Monday, 28th November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Cameroon Vs Serbia 3:45 P.M
South Korea Vs Ghana 6:45 P.M
Brazil Vs Switzerland 9:45 P.M
Portugal Vs Uruguay 12:45 A.M


Tuesday, 29th November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Ecuador Vs Senegal 8:45 P.M
Netherlands Vs Qatar 8:45 P.M
Wales Vs England 12:45 A.M
IR Iran Vs USA 12:45 A.M



Wednesday, 30th November
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Australia Vs Denmark 8:45 P.M
Tunisia Vs France 8:45 P.M
Poland Vs Argentina 12:45 A.M
S. Arabia Vs Mexico 12:45 A.M


Thursday, 1st December
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Croatia Vs Belgium 8:45 P.M
Canada Vs Morocco 8:45 P.M
Japan Vs Spain 12:45 A.M
Costa Rica Vs Germany 12:45 A.M


Friday, 2nd December
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Ghana Vs Uruguay 8:45 P.M
South Korea Vs Portugal 8:45 P.M
Serbia Vs Switzerland 12:45 A.M
Cameroon Vs Brazil 12:45 A.M



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