If you are searching for information on how to pay an electricity bill online in Nepal, this article is for you.

You might have read in news about people in rural areas of Nepal walking for days and spending thousands of rupees in transportation fare to reach district headquarters just to pay electricity bills of Rs. 80 (the minimum charge per month for using electricity, fixed by NEA). The majority of the villagers facilitated with electricity used to face this problem every month.

But not anymore. Times have changed and stories like above are becoming things of the past.

You no longer have to bear such huge extra expenditure and spend a lot of precious productive time on something so simple, thanks to the online bill payment service introduced by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

Recently, NEA brought a revolutionary initiative of online bill payment. Now, electricity tariffs to almost all NEA counters across the nation can be made online via mobile banking, internet banking, and digital wallets like Khalti.

Khalti Digital Wallet offers quick and secure online payments from the comfort of home in a matter of just a few clicks. Electricity bill payment option is also possible via Khalti mobile app, Khalti Pasal (POS terminals), and kiosk machines.

To pay electricity bill online in Nepal via Khalti, please follow the following steps:

1: Sign up and log in to Khalti from Khalti App or Web Dashboard using khalti.com

2: Tap on the ‘NEA’ Icon on the home screen

3: Select your payment counter location where you normally pay your bills

4: Enter your SC Number and Customer ID

5: Tap on ‘Get Details’ and confirm the details to proceed further with the payment

6: Tap on ‘Pay Bill’

7: Your payment will be successful after you click on ‘Ok’ and you will get Khalti Points instantly

Note: Khalti will charge Rs. 5 per transaction for NEA Electricity bill payment.
Also, there will be service charge of Rs.7 per transaction in payment of Community Electricity bill, starting from Magh 1, 2079.

Still, confused on how to pay an electricity bill online in Nepal? Watch this video:

Special from Khalti

1. While making online electricity bill payments via Khalti, you will be getting Khalti points. (*No. of Khalti Points earned = 1% of the total amount of rupees paid).

2. You will also get a 2% rebate if you are paying the electricity bill in time.

Frequently Asked Questions 


1. How to pay electricity bills online in Nepal?

You can easily pay electricity online bills from Khalti. Simply log in  to Khalti app, Tap on the electricity icon on the home screen and select your counter, enter your SC number and customer id and tap on get details. Your payment details will be shown. Verify and Pay

2. How to check my electricity bill online in Nepal?

Khalti makes it simple to check your electricity bills online. Simply log in to the Khalti app, select your counter from the home screen’s electricity icon, enter your SC number and customer id, then press on obtain details. Your payment information will be shown.


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