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5 reasons why you should start paying bills online

Nepal has only just taken baby steps into the digital world. By digital, we mean everything digital from online stores to online marketing to online payments. We have enthusiastically taken up online stores and online marketing but are not quite sold on online payment in Nepal. Why are we still hesitating on paying bills online?

Yes, the convenience is very tempting but there are many reasons that stop us from using the available payment gateways available in Nepal. Some say it is not secure, some say it isn’t stable others just like the confirmation they get from physically paying the bills. You would agree that in case you do want to pay them by yourself you will have to put a lot of time, energy and planning out a schedule just to pay one bill.

So what do you do?

Paying bills online is not revolutionary. People around the world do it all the time. You just have a few qualms because you haven’t tried it yet. Or you have and faced problems, but that is in the past.

So we give you 5 solid reasons why you should start paying bills online:

1. Fast, Easy and Safe

Payment of bills has always meant you get need to take your bill along, take coupons, carry your cash and wait until it’s your turn.

Paying bills online, on the other hand, are faster, easier, and safer. You eliminate the necessity to wait in long lines in a stuffy office. You are also skipping from walking around one building after another hassle. A few taps and clicks on your work day and you have cleared out the payments.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about anybody pick pocketing you. It’s more like you are relieved off the anxiety of carrying cash around.

2. Prompt Payment

The simple fact that you have the freedom to pay your bill as soon as you remember is liberating. We are only humans, we may forget to pay the bills until its the last day. Normally you will have to get out of office and have no idea when you can get back.

Let’s say your electricity bill is due today, you only have a few hours to pay your bills or you are slammed a late fee fine. It’s impossible to leave your desk as you have deadlines. It is possible to get done with it in a few minutes with payments gateways. If you choose offline payments you may have to postpone something.

3. More sustainable

Another frustrating part about paying bills is that you are unconsciously collecting piles of paper. You are de-cluttering your home and your bill payment list at the same time when you pay your bills online. But when you pay online even after you have completed your Ncell or NTC mobile top up you aren’t creating any waste. You are doing your part in creating a more sustainable environment.

One good example of this is recharging your mobile phones. You will need to go to the store to purchase a card. What do you do to the card after? Pocket it to throw away later or just chuck it on the road.

4. Easy Consolidation

You have different bills to pay – drinking water bill, electricity bill, cable TV bill, your phone bills among others. Payment gateways like Khalti are a service that provides a place where you can collectively pay all your bills from a single place.

What does this mean to you? You are saving your time. You had to go from one office to another to pay your bills and this took half a day if not a whole day. Now all you have to do is get connected to the internet and start paying bills online within a few minutes.

5. Payment from Anywhere

Being able to pay from anywhere may be the best perks of using a payment gateway. You could remember your bills when you are at a spa, in a traffic jam or in a meeting with your boss or be on a vacation. All you need to do is get online a few taps or clicks and you have paid your bills.

Being able to pay as soon as you want to leaves you stress-free. So you can go about enjoying whatever you were doing before you paid your bill.

Online bill payment seems like a terrifying venture, but it is not as difficult as you think. Unlike a few years ago, online payment is hugely secure and if you are using Khalti as your digital wallet then you also get attractive rewards for paying online.

So are you going to give it a try, if you are not already paying bills online? Tell us in the comments below.

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5 reasons why you should start paying bills online

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