We all love getting cash back, rewards, and benefits, don’t we? Keeping that in mind, we at Khalti always try to bring in as much offer as we can, be it in the form of cashback in different services like Khalti Bazaar, points for doing a transaction, or gift hampers. During that process, we get a lot of queries from our users regarding the confusion on these two points that look similar but are not:

  1. Khalti Points
  2. Khalti Quiz Points


1. Khalti Points

On the right side of the App’s home screen, you can see ‘Khalti Points’. That point increases every time you make payments for the services provided by Khalti, except for some services. Starting from 5,000 Khalti Points, you can redeem it to get Khalti balance, as mentioned below.

Redeem Points

5,000 Points

Khalti Balance worth Rs.50

10,000 Points

Khalti Balance worth Rs.100

20,000 Points

Khalti Balance worth Rs.200

50,000 Points

Khalti Balance worth Rs.500

100,000 Points

Khalti Balance worth Rs.1,000

200,000 Points

Khalti Balance worth Rs.2,000

500,000 Points

Khalti Balance worth Rs.5,000

1,000,000 Points

Khalti Balance worth Rs.10,000


2. Khalti Quiz Points

Khalti Quiz Points’ or ‘Quiz Points’ are the points you earn playing the Khalti Quiz. You can find it inside the ‘Play Khalti Quiz’ option in the menu bar alongside the option ‘Position’ and ‘Gameplay’. For each correct answer, you will score points, which accumulate throughout the month. The higher the points, the higher your rank will be on the Leaderboard, giving you a chance to enter the lucky draw contest and win a smartphone every month.

Additionally, the top 10 selected winners will also win the Khalti coupon daily spendable on any payment except mobile top-ups and recharge. At the end of every English month, Quiz Points go back to zero for the monthly Leaderboard ranking. It is also not redeemable like Khalti points

Here, KYC verified users have the upper hand with the reward point of 150 in every correct answer while it is just 100 points for non-verified users, so make sure yours is verified.

We hope the confusion on Khalti points and Khalti Quiz Points got a bit clearer. You can go through these Frequently Asked Questions to know Khalti Points better. If you have more questions about it, write them down in the comments section.