Khalti has been partnering with many offline small business holders helping them sell their products/services and capture the market through our “Khalti Bazaar” Platform.

On the other hand, the customer can also easily access the services with the on-demand delivery and witness a smooth cashless payment experience from the comfort of their home.

With the vision to provide easy and fast transactions for both business holders and customers, “Khalti Bazaar” was initiated.  

 Having said that, you can find various products and services from diverse sectors such as:

Food, bakery and Grocery Delivery services


Subscriptions plans 


Healthcare Services


Personal Care Services


Handyman and Services ( plumbing, electricians, dry cleaning)


Online entertainment and Learnings


Club Memberships Adventures/sports booking Restaurants



About Khalti Bazaar

Khalti Bazaar is a multi-vendor online marketplace inside Khalti App for small/ large enterprises & entrepreneurs to sell services, products, and subscriptions to empower independent startups or business owners in Nepal.


What are the benefits for both Vendors and Customers?

Online and Multiple Payment system

Vendors will get beforehand notice about the number of client visits or service requests for the day or schedule dates. On the other hand, the customer will be able to pay for the service or products through multiple payment systems such as:

  • Khalti Bank Direct
  • E-banking
  • M-banking
  • Wallet Payment


Brand Presence

As Khalti has crossed over one million downloads, placing the product and services in Khalti Bazaar especially offline small/ large enterprises will increase visibility. Also, frequent promotions and campaigns will surely help to attract a huge number of customers as well.


Single dashboard for Order management

A simple dashboard for the vendor will be provided so that they can see all the transactions will ease and follow up with the customers accordingly. 


Offers and Super deals

Offers and smart deals are benefited to both vendors and customers. 


Pre-booking Service 

 Khalti Bazaar also allows pre-booking service. So, you are into any service that requires pre-booking, you can do it in Khalti Bazaar.


Online Digital Receipt

After the purchase, the customers will also get an online digital receipt in the transaction section which will also build a sense of trust. 


Who can enrol in Khalti Bazaar? 

We support business and services ranging from Product Sales, Home Services, Club Membership, Subscription Plans, Beauty Care Services, Adventure/Sports Booking, Health Services, etc.


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