Pay for your insurance premium in Mahalaxmi Life Insurance.

Khalti has brought this exciting offer for you. Make your Mahalaxmi Life Insurance payment from anywhere and anytime using Khalti and get 10% cashback (up to Rs.100). 


Why pay Mahalaxmi Insurance Premium from Khalti?

Khalti provides the fastest service to pay your insurance premium online. It is payable from anywhere. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, you can make contactless payments while staying at home. It facilitates you to become financially independent. More importantly, you can get 10% cashback (up to Rs. 100) using Khalti. Therefore, hurry up and grab this opportunity.


How to pay your Mahalaxmi Life Insurance premium via Khalti:

  1. Log in to the Khalti app on your phone 
  2. Go to “Insurance” on the home screen 
  3. Select “Mahalaxmi Life Insurance”
  4. Enter your “Date of Birth” and “Policy Number”
  5. Tap on “Get Details” 
  6. Type the total “Amount”
  7. Finally, press the “Pay” and “Continue” button, and your transaction will be successful
  8. Tap on “Transaction History” and press on the “Download” option to receive a payment receipt 


Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer is valid from 1st June to June 30th, 2021
  2. Cashback applicable on first-time payments of Mahalaxmi Life Insurance
  3. You must pay your Life Insurance premium using Khalti App or Khalti.com
  4. Applicable just for KYC-Verified Khalti users

In Nepal, Khalti has remained at the forefront of the digital revolution for more than 4 years. Till now, we have more than 1.7 million active users throughout the country. Be smart! Pay Life Insurance premiums online from Khalti.

Also, learn how to make a Khalti account for free from the video below:

For further information, please visit our websiteKhalti.com

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