Looking to buy Prabhu TV WorldCup TV Package, but don’t know how? Worry not! with Khalti it is simple and easy for you to buy the WorldCup TV Package so you won’t have to miss out on games anymore!


WorldCup 2022 has already brought a lot of surprising and exciting moments since its start. Whether it be Germany losing against Japan or the Saudi government announcing a nationwide public holiday in celebration of their win against 36-streak unbeaten team Argentina, you don’t want to miss out on the fun. With more than 32 teams competing for the biggest to-date prize pool of $440 million, the games are going to be a lot more interesting and fun in the days to come. 


Want to watch those matches and not miss out on the goals? 


Prabhu TV in partnership with Khalti brings you a hassle-free easy way to purchase the WorldCup package so you get to watch and enjoy with your friends and family. 


Buy Prabhu TV WorldCup TV Package

Step 1: Login/Sign-up to Khalti 

Step 2: Tap Prabhu TV icon on ‘FIFA World Cup’ Section

Step 3: Enter your CAS ID

Step 4: Select your STB and FIFA WorldCup Package in the dropdown

Step 5: Proceed to payment


Prabhu TV WorldCup TV Package


Do not see your ID? your ID is at the back side of the Set-Top box (or you can click on the help button on the remote and view it on the screen) 


Channel No. 116 “Himalayan TV Premium HD” will be unlocked on your TV after a successful purchase for you watch the live WorldCup stream so you don’t miss out on the interesting games to come!


Also, Khalti has ongoing offers on WorldCup TV Package that includes 100% cash back on purchases for lucky winners and much more. Want to know more about it? Read Here


Most Asked WorldCup TV Package FAQs


  1. What is World Cup 2022 Schedule in Nepali time

Visit WorldCup Match Schedule in Nepali Time for the schedule. 


2. Bought my package but the Channel is still not active. When will the issue be resolved?

To activate your WorldCup package, please turn your Set-Top Box off and on and Check Channel no. 116


3. Money was deducted when there was an error while purchasing. Will it be refunded?

Yes, your amount will be refunded within the same day if there was any error. Please send us your Khalti ID in our messenger. 


4. What would happen if I paid for the same package twice?

Your amount of one package will be refunded within the same day. If there is any error, please provide us your Khalti Id number in our messenger ttp://m.me/Khaltiofficial so that we can assist you better.


5. What’s a convenient channel to contact Khalti if there’s any problem with the WorldCup TV Package service?

You can reach out to us in our Facebook messenger http://m.me/Khaltiofficial, our team will respond to you within 30 minutes.


6. Can’t see where to buy WorldCup TV Package in Khalti?

Make sure your Khalti app is updated. Then, go to Khalti’s Homepage, pull to refresh your app to see WorldCup TV Package, if not Logout and Login to see the WORLDCUP TV Package icon in Khalti app. 


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