It is with pleasure we inform you all that Prabhu Bank users will now be able to link their bank account with their Khalti Wallet. 

With this; Prabhu Bank users can make payment for the Khalti in-app services by choosing  “linked account” from the payment option. For this, they do not need to add money to their Khalti wallet as the money will be directly deducted from their bank account.

Linked account, also known as Khalti Bank direct is not just limited to payments, the users can also load money in their Khalti by choosing the “linked account “ option. After loading, they can use it to send or receive money directly from their Khalti app, transfer it to a bank account.


How to link your Prabhu bank account?

 Before beginning with the steps remember that the Name and Mobile Number in the bank and Khalti account should be the same. 

After that follow these simple steps to access the service Khalti Bank direct”:

Step 1: Signup and Login to Khalti from Khalti App or Web Dashboard using Khalti.com

Step 2: On the home page, go to more and tap on “Link Bank Account”.

Step 3: Tap On “link bank account” and select “Prabhu Bank”

Step 4: After selecting the bank, enter your bank account number, name and mobile number is fetched automatically from Khalti KYC.

Step 5: Once you enter all the details tap on the submit button.

Step 6: Now you will receive an OTP (one-time-password) on your registered mobile number.

Step 7: Enter the received OTP code 

Step 8: Your bank will be linked to your Khalti wallet successfully.

 Now after your link your Prabhu bank with your Khalti wallet you will be able to load money using the “linked account” medium.


How to load funds in your Khalti wallet using the Khalti bank direct?

Step 1: Signup and Login to Khalti from Khalti App or Web Dashboard using Khalti.com

Step 2: On the homepage tap on the “Load funds” and select “Linked Account”.

Step 3:  Enter the amount you want to load and fill the remarks section as well

Step 4: Now, your fund will be loaded instantly in your Khalti wallet


Few things important to note while trying to link your NIC Asia bank account:

  •  Mandatory KYC verified accounts. Learn how to verify your KYC: How to fill and verify Khalti KYC in 2 minutes?
  •  The user’s registered mobile number in Khalti and Bank should be the same. 
  •  Users should register and activate Prabhu Bank’s  mobile banking service
  •   With the bank direct feature payment for third party merchants of Khalti is not available.