Special Offers for Khalti Membership Users at Taste Town Food Court (TTFC) .If you are somewhere around the Kamalpokhari area and want to catch up with tasty and hygienic food quickly, then grab a tasty bite at Taste Town Food Court (TTFC).


Think of the perks you could be using while making your payment. Khalti Membership- Khalti Pro or Khalti Club and get special bonus perks of 10% Discount (upto Rs.500) on payment. Taste Town Food Court is located on the 4th floor of City Center, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu. You can spot a Daaami QR there which you can scan with your Membership account. 


How to get Khalti Membership?

Any Khalti user can easily subscribe to the Khalti Membership within few simple steps as mentioned below: 

  • Signup/Login to Khalti
  • Tap on Khalti Club/ Khalti Pro banners available above the featured Services section on the Home screen
  • Fill up all the details
  • Proceed to Pay

You can get an instant subscription and can explore all the special treats that are waiting for you. There are other exclusive offers on Chicken Station, Fun Land, Fun Station, Chaitanya Health & Wellness too.

Other Benefits of Khalti Membership : 


Khalti Membership users can take full advantage of all the exclusive benefits without having to wait for promotions like regular users. Thus, the “Khalti Membership” subscription is for you if you want to try something special and premium on the Khalti app.


In this paid subscription you can choose among two subscriptions – Khalti Club’ and ‘Khalti Pro’  and enjoy the benefits as mentioned below : 


Khalti Club : 

Under this membership you can take advantage of special offers for just Rs. 399 (VAT Inclusive) per year. Being a Club member you have access to these benefits : 

  • upto Rs.1000 Cashback on Movies and Event Tickets
  • Double Khalti Points than a normal Khalti users 
  • Rs. 100 discount on Bluebook renewal service 


Khalti Pro : 

Another subscription option called “Khalti Pro” offers users additional special advantages for a one-time fee of Rs. 599. (VAT Inclusive). Additional special advantages of being a Khalti Pro member include:

  • 2% cashback on self-mobile Top Up (same number as Khalti ID) 
  • Cashback up to Rs.1000 on Movie and Event Tickets for 10 Months.
  • Double Khalti Points on payment 
  • Free Send money to Saved Bank Account
  • Free Send money to other banks ( 5 transactions a month) 


Taste Town Food Court offer – Terms and Conditions 

  1. Khalti Membership subscription is mandatory to be eligible for the exclusive offer
  2. Valid for first 100 users only
  3. Offer valid for one-time only 
  4. Offer is valid on Taste Town Food Court (TTFC) located at 4th floor of City Center, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu only.

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