Are you tired of constantly loading money into your wallet every time you need to make a payment? What if there was a way to skip that step and directly pay from your bank account? Well,  We have the perfect solution for you: Khalti Bank Link. With this feature, you can make payments or send money directly from your bank account, hassle-free. 

What’s more? We are also offering an exciting ‘Refer and Earn Unlimited’ campaign for our Bank Link feature. Let’s dive into the details:


What is the ‘Bank link: Refer & Earn Unlimited’ Offer?

Khalti has brought this refer and earn again campaign for the Khalti Bank Link feature where you as a Khalti user can refer your registered Khalti ID number to anyone to link their bank account and earn limitlessly. All you need to do is refer your Khalti ID to another Khalti user who has to link their bank account.

NOTE: Make sure the referrer and referee – both are KYC-verified Khalti Users.

The referrer can refer unlimited times. 



Referrer = The one who refers and earns

Referee = The one who uses the Referal code of the Referer to link their bank to Khalti and earns

Both the Referrer and the Referee get an instant bonus of Rs 25 each.

Note: The Referral Code is the Khalti ID of the referrer. It needs to be applied by the referee. And the offer is valid for the first bank link of the referee only, any bank relinked will not be eligible.



To Refer and Earn, the referee needs to :

Step 1: Sign up/log in to Khalti.

Step 2: Go to Featured Services

Step 3: Tap on  ‘Link Bank Account’

Step 4: Click ‘Add Bank Account’

Step 5: Select the Bank & Fill in the Account no

Step 6: Click on ‘APPLY REFERRER CODE’

Step 7: Enter the Khalti ID of the Referrer as the Referral Code

Step 8: Tap on Link Bank

Both the Referrer and the Referee get an instant bonus of Rs 25 each after the link.


NOTE: In order to link your Bank account in Khalti, the Khalti ID and the number registered in the bank should be the same.


Terms and conditions:

  • This offer is valid from 22 February to 21 March 2024.
  • Both referrer and referee should be KYC-verified users to be eligible for this campaign
  • This campaign is valid for the first bank link only, any bank relinked will not be eligible
  • The bonus amount of Rs 25 will be credited to the secondary balance instantly after the referee links the bank to their Khalti wallet
  • The referee cannot refer to themselves keeping their own number as a referral code.
  • Khalti reserves the right at all times to modify or amend the Terms and Conditions of this contest or cancel it with immediate effect


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