Believe it or not, it’s been seven years since we embarked on this epic journey together! 🎉 From the first-ever transaction to becoming a force in the digital wallet scene, it’s been a ride filled with emotions, awards, and countless memories. As we gear up to blow out the candles on Khalti 7th anniversary cake, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and set our sights on the exciting future that lies ahead.


Celebrating the year:  ‘Khalti को साथ’

Our journey wouldn’t be half as thrilling without the constant support, love, and banter from each one of you. ‘Khalti को साथ’ isn’t just a tagline; it’s a testament to the incredible community we’ve built together. As we celebrate this milestone, let’s raise a virtual toast to the laughs, the tears, and the countless transactions that bind us.


Awards Galore:

ISO Certified? Check. Bagged the Highest Digital Transaction award in 2023? Double-check. Secured the first external investment for a digital wallet? Triple-check! These awards aren’t just shiny trophies; they’re the result of your trust, our innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


Khalti’s Impressive Stats:

We’re not here to brag, but okay, maybe just a little. With over 40 lakh users and 76000+ merchants, Khalti has become the go-to digital wallet for a quarter(¼)  of the market. 1.5  lakh Khalti Pasals and over four lakhs transactions daily – those aren’t just numbers; they’re the heartbeat of our growing Khalti family.


Khalti Quiz: Where Fun Meets Finance:

Innovation is our middle name, and this year we introduced the Khalti Quiz. It’s not your average quiz; it’s a fusion of finance and fun. Who knew learning about digital wallets could be this entertaining?


Events that Rocked the Year:

If 2023 was a concert, Khalti had the VIP pass! Prateek Kuhad, Papon, Harsh Gujjral’s comedy extravaganza, Akash Meheta’s live performance, Arijit Singh’s soulful night, and the legendary King himself – we partied hard, and we partied together. Oh, and let’s not forget being the official voting partner of ‘The Voice of Nepal.’ Our events were more than just shows; they were experiences that created memories to last a lifetime.


Financial Inclusion: Our True North

Beyond the glitz and glam, our core mission remains to achieve financial inclusion for every Nepalese. We are determined to bridge gaps, break barriers, and ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, can access the benefits of digital financial services.


Offers that offering:

As we celebrate seven years of laughs, cheers, and financial freedom, these offers are our way of saying THANK YOU for being the heartbeat of Khalti.



Offers Offering
Khalti ma iPhone 15 Topup Rs. 50 & win iPhone 15.
Spot the Dino Win amazing rewards every day.
Pay the Wi-Fi Nepal Bill and Win! Pay your Wi-Fi Nepal Bills and win Sureshot scratch cards.
User Journey Complete your milestone and win big.
Internet and TV offers Pay your Internet &TV Bills via Khalti and win a Sureshot Scratchcard
Flight Tickets Book your Flight tickets and win amazing discount coupons through Scratchcards.
WorldLink Offer Pay your WorldLink bill via Khalti and get Rs. 5000 cashback.
Insurance Get Flat Rs. 200 Cashback in our weekly Tuesday firesale.
Movies Enjoy our Firesale every Thursday at 1 pm and get 25% discount (upto RS. 150)

Looking Forward to Many More Years of Awesomeness:

As we blow out the candles and cut the cake, let’s not just celebrate the past but also look forward to the exciting future ahead. With your support, we’re geared up for more innovations, more events, and more ‘Khalti को साथ.’

Thank you for being the driving force behind Khalti’s success. Here’s to seven years of rocking together and to many more ahead! 🚀

With love and digital hugs,


Happy Anniversary to us!


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