Every time you decide to watch a movie on the big screen, is the availability of movie tickets your biggest challenge? Or is the process too long and time-consuming?  If yes then Khalti has come up with #MyMovieMantra to experience buying QFX Cinemas movie tickets in just 50 seconds along with many hassle-free experiences. 


What is #MyMovieMantra? 

With the recent partnership between QFX and Khalti, now Khalti users will be able to buy QFX movie tickets directly and instantly, in just 50 seconds, from the Khalti app. With this, the new Movie Mantra for all Khalti users is: 

– Pick the best seat 

– Choose a desirable location for movies 

– Buy movie tickets instant 

– Share tickets online with friends


Along with these experiences, you can also earn Khalti Points along with Goji Loyalty points on QFX ticket purchases through Khalti.


Before this, users of QFX could only buy movies by logging into the QFX website or app. Now users can also do so directly from Khalti app. 


Steps to buy QFX movie tickets from Khalti

 Step 1: Login/Sign-up to Khalti

Step 2: Go to ‘Movie’ (icon)  

Step 3: Select movie, theater & show time in the available QFX location

Step 4: Select seat and tap  ‘Buy Ticket’

Step 5: Verify details and proceed to ‘Pay’


Now, with this easy process, you can tell your friends that this is #MyMovieMantra


QFX Cinemas

QFX Cinemas is Nepal’s leading movie theater with 11 halls in different cities of Nepal. QFX Cinemas, a pioneer in redefining movie viewing, has ventured to provide its customers with unrivaled customer service, cutting-edge technology, comfortable seats, and clean and tasteful interiors. QFX Cinemas began its journey to provide the best cinema experience possible. 


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