Buying movie tickets online has been a big challenge as the process is too long and time-consuming. If you have faced a similar problem, Don’t worry! The hassle ends here. 

Khalti has come up with #MyMovieMantra to experience buying movie tickets online within 50 seconds in a very fun and efficient way. You can choose among varieties of movie halls such as, QFX Cinemas, Big Movies, Cineplex, INI Cinemas and Ranjana Cineplex, as per your need and convenience. 


Pick the best seat 

It’s always hard to choose the most convenient seats in a movie hall. We all have our favorite seats and best movie viewing angles. Some people prefer the back row, some might prefer the front and some might prefer to sit right in the middle. With Khalti, you can now choose the seat of your choice and enjoy your movie comfortably. 


Choose a desirable location for movies 

We understand the difficulty in locating the desired movie theaters in the desired location. This is why we have introduced the option to filter your requirements. You can either “filter by location” to choose the location from which you want to watch the movie or “filter by cinema halls” to choose which  hall you want to watch it in. These handy features save your valuable time and enhance your movie ticket purchase experience.


Buy movie tickets instantly

Remember the days when you had to stand in long queues in movie ticket counters without being sure you’ll get the desired seat or not? Now, those days are over. Buying tickets in advance ensures you get your appropriate seating and desired experience. Buy your movie tickets right from your fingertips using Khalti app and get your movie tickets instantly. 


Share tickets online with friends

Have you ever had to buy tickets for friends and had no idea how to share it with them? With the share option, you can now quickly exchange the movie tickets you purchased from Khalti with your friends. 


How to buy movie tickets from Khalti

Step 1: Login/Sign-up to Khalti

Step 2: Go to ‘Movie’ (icon)  

Step 3: Select movie, theater & show time in the available movie hall location

Step 4: Select seat and tap ‘Buy Ticket’

Step 5: Verify details and proceed to ‘Pay’


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Now, with this easy process, you can tell your friends that this is #MyMovieMantra


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