Share Sansar Pro a web-based desktop software for Nepali stock market investors to make informed and sensible investment decisions. SS Pro offers all modern tools, analytics, and charting software with real-time LIVE data to help investors become PRO investor. The software is targeted at investors big and small to help them make informed investment decisions.

Now, you can pay digitally for SS Pro using Khalti Digital Wallet. As an offer, Khalti is providing 15% cashback or Rs. 525 cashback on the Khalti account on every SS Pro subscription (annual package). This offer will be available from March 25th, 2021 to June 24th, 2021 valid once per user.

Original SS Pro subscription fee: Rs. 3,500 per year

How to subscribe to SS Pro and pay online via Khalti?

1. Register for a free ShareSansar account from the website ShareSansar.com
2. Login again using the same login credentials
3. On the web dashboard, click on “Choose Package” on the left-hand side
4. Choose “SS Pro” and click on “Next”
5. Then, on the package page, click on “SS Pro” and proceed with the payment. Choose Khalti as the payment option.

How to pay via Khalti?

You can get 15% cashback only if you select & pay via Khalti Wallet from the given payment options. The steps are:

1) Wallet Checkout:

Step 1: Choose Khalti as the payment option, and the interface of Khalti will load
Step 2: Choose ‘Wallet’ and input your mobile number and tap on the “PAY” button
Step 3: Enter the third-party transaction PIN and the Confirmation Code you have just received and tap on ‘CONFIRM PAYMENT’
After the successful payment, you will receive a success message and get redirected to the ShareSansar website.

Note: You can also Renew Mero share & Demat online via Khalti

Features of SS Pro:

1. Nepal’s first market confidence meter
2. Core Fundamental Analysis tools with digitized reports
3. Free Built-in Portfolio Tracker (manage an unlimited number of shareholders with a single account)
4. Powerful Portfolio and Watchlist Alerts system
5. Short-term Technical Analysis/Volatility Analysis/Market Analysis
6. Monthly Stock and Indices Outlook
7. Nepal’s First Investment Worth Calculator
8. In-depth Mutual Fund Analysis & Buy/Sell/Hold info
9. Powerful Broker Analytics & Buy/Sell/Holdings info
10. Live Charts with Powerful Charting Software