Dashain has arrived, and the anticipation is palpable. The most cherished aspects of Dashain include coming together with family, indulging in delicious food, and, of course, receiving Dashain Dakshina. This year, to enhance your Dashain celebrations, We have some thrilling offers in store for you with our “Daily Dakshina” from Khalti to the users. 

Our Khalti Full Dashain journey wouldn’t be complete without the ever-thrilling Daily Dakshina! From “Flight ma Lakhapati” to “Send Money No Charges,” and “WorldLink Payment ma Dubai Trip” to “Scan FonePay QR and win Rs. 50000 + exciting prizes,” every chapter is enhanced with the electrifying addition of Daily Dakshina from Khalti!


Chapter 5 of the exciting Khalti full Dashain extravaganza is here!! 

Imagine getting a Dakshina every day. Well, this imagination can be turned into reality. 

For the next 3 weeks, you will receive a blessing in the form of a Kham/ envelope as Daily Dakshina. This Dakshina will include guaranteed gifts such as Cashbacks, Service-based offers, Khalti pro, Movie coupons, lakh worths of shopping vouchers, what not to every user! With Khalti, users have the opportunity to win exciting prizes, thereby creating an atmosphere of festivity that lasts for weeks.


The Dakshina will appear in the form of a Kham (envelope) on your home screen as soon as you open the app and swipe down the Homescreen. 


Steps to open your Dakshina 

You can open your Dakshina easily with the given steps. 

  1. Sign in or Log in to Khalti 
  2. Swipe down the Home Page
  3. Look for the Kham (Envelope) at the top
  4. Click on the Kham & Open
  5. You will receive your Daily Dakshina

Note: Make sure your Khalti is updated to the latest version

So, get ready for a festival with guaranteed gifts. Every day will bring something worthwhile. 


Terms and Condition 

  • The offer is valid till Kartik 13, 2080.
  • You will receive Dakshina every day.`
  • This offer is valid for all Khalti users.
  • Khalti’s decision in case of any dispute regarding this offer shall be final.
  • Your Kham/Daily Dakshina will be ready to open every 24 hr at 12:00 AM. 
  • The reward won through this contest is non-transferable and non-refundable, and Khalti shall not bear any responsibility for any claim put forward by the winner concerning the Prize.
  • Khalti reserves the right to cancel plans if suspicious activity is found.


Table of contents:  Explore chapters of our Khalti Full Dashain


Chapter 1:  Flight ma Lakhpati 

purchase your flight tickets through Khalti for a chance to become a Lakhpati! Additionally, receive a chance to get a Scratch Card worth Lakhs with every flight booking made via Khalti. 

For more info: Chapter 1


Chapter 2: Send Money to any Bank for No charge 

 This Dashain, Connect with your loved ones without worrying about transfer fees, vacations, shopping, or Dashain Dakshina with the ‘send money no charges’ offer. Link your Bank now and make bank-linked payments without additional charges from Khalti.

For more info: Chapter 2


Chapter 3: WorldLink Payment गरेर Dubai घुमौ रमेर 

This Dashain, Pay your WorldLink Internet Bill from Khalti and get a chance to win a Dubai Trip Package for 24 Lucky couples and a chance to get Scratchcard on every WorldLink Payment through Khalti.  

For more info: Chapter 3


Chapter 4:  Scan Fonepay QR & Win Rs. 50,000 + exciting Prizes 

This Dashain, Whether you’re shopping for new clothes, buying gifts for your loved ones, or enjoying delicious Dashain feasts at your favorite restaurants, every transaction using Fonepay through Khalti brings you closer to the grand prize of Rs. 50000 every month. Also the weekly Prizes of Khalti Pro subscription to 15 Lucky winners. Additionally, A grand weekly and Bonus prize to Merchants as well. 


For more info:  Chapter 4


Chapter 5: Get Daily Dakshina from Khalti!

Unlock your Daily Dakshina every 24 hours from the Khalti app and get exciting prizes every day.


Chapter 6: Dashain Homework on the wayyyyy!




Wishing you a joyous and prosperous Dashain from Khalti! Happy Dashain.


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