If you’re a vehicle owner, you probably know how important it is to have vehicle insurance. It helps to cover damage to your assets in case of an accident. To make it easier for our users, Khalti has partnered with Himalayan Everest Insurance Pvt. Ltd. to provide you with third-party vehicle insurance coverage for your vehicle.

Third-party insurance is mandatory in Nepal. While renewing the bluebook, it is required to present the insurance papers. In third-party insurance, if the insured vehicle causes the loss of life or property of the third party, the insurer reimburses the third party for the loss. 


Third-party Vehicle Insurance covers

  • Your legal liability for
    • Death of Third-party and pillion rider (coverage up to 5 lakhs per person)
    • Body injury of Third-party and pillion rider (coverage up to 3 lakhs per person)
    • Damage to the vehicle of Third-party (coverage up to 25 lakhs) 


Third-Party Vehicle Insurance Premium

You can now buy third party insurance for your vehicles with the mentioned price below: 

Motorcycle/Scooter Total Premium
Below 150 cc Rs.1706.30
150=>249 cc Rs.1932.30
250 cc and Above Rs.2158.30


Car Total Premium
Below 1000 cc Rs.7356.30
1000 cc – Below 1600 cc Rs.8486.30
Above 1600 cc Rs.10746.30


Electric Motorcycle/Scooter Total Premium
Below 800 Watt Rs.1706.30
Below 1200 Watt Rs.1932.30
1200 Watt and Above Rs.2158.30


Electric Car Total Premium
Below 20 KW Rs.7356.30
20 KW & and Above Rs.8486.30


How to make Third Party Insurance payment from Khalti 

  1. Login to Khalti app and go to ‘Insurance Services’
  2. Tap on ‘Bike/Car Insurance’ under the section
  3. Fill up the details
  4. Upload the required documents – Id card (Voter card/citizenship/ Driving license) and Bluebook photo (Page 2, 9 and page having owner’s photo)
  5. Proceed to Pay choosing payment method


Note : You will receive the policy within a few minutes in your email or you can download it from the app too. For the original policy, you can collect it from the Head Office of Himalayan Everest Insurance office situated at Thapagaun, Kathmandu.

Contact Khalti Bluebook Service for more information

viber/ whatsapp: 9801890083 (Message) or 01-5970053 ( call)


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