In an era where digital transactions have become an integral part of our lives, ensuring the security and integrity of our financial interactions is paramount. Khalti has recognized this need and introduced a  solution-oriented service known as ‘Khalti Escrow Service’. 

Khalti escrow service is tailored to provide peace of mind to users engaged in financial transactions, particularly when it involves significant sums of money. Essentially, this service facilitates seamless, secure, and transparent money transfers between KYC-verified users. The service operates by holding the funds until the designated receiving party fulfills their obligations or is granted release by the sender. In cases of unfulfilled obligations, both parties have the option to file a complaint.


How does the Khalti Escrow Service Work? 

Imagine you want to lend money to a friend or transact with a business partner remotely. Khalti escrow service comes to your rescue by creating a secure environment for the transfer. 

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

Initiation: The sender initiates the fund transfer through Khalti’s escrow service, specifying the amount and the recipient.

Holding: Once the transfer is initiated, the funds are on hold, creating a neutral intermediary between the sender and receiver.

Obligation Performance: The receiving party performs the required obligations – this could be a service, delivery, or any predefined condition.

Release or Request: After the obligation is fulfilled, the sender has the authority to release the funds to the recipient. Alternatively, the recipient can request the release of the amount. 

Secure Closure: Upon the successful release of funds, the transaction concludes securely, with both parties benefiting from a verified and transparent process

Complaint Resolution: In cases of unfulfilled obligations, both parties have the option to file a complaint. If the respective parties don’t fulfill their respective obligations (release of funds by sender and obligation performance by receiver) one can file a complaint with adequate and relevant evidence relating to the complaint. Thereafter, the complaint is looked after by the Khalti team who shall provide resolution and closure based on available evidence.


Benefits of Khalti Escrow Service


Security: Khalti escrow service offers a shield of security by ensuring that funds are only released when the agreed-upon obligations are met. This significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Transparency: This mechanism guarantees transparency, as the entire process is documented and accessible to both parties. This clarity enhances trust between the sender and receiver.

Flexibility: Khalti escrow service offers flexibility to both parties. The sender can choose when to release funds, while the receiver has the option to request the release once obligations are fulfilled.

Risk Mitigation: By holding funds, this service minimizes the risks associated with failed obligations or unforeseen circumstances, providing a safety net for both parties.



Terms and Conditions

  1. The minimum transaction value per transaction for  Khalti escrow servicer is Nrs. 100.
  2. Once the user enables the Khalti escrow service, certain charges will be applicable.
  3. The sender should release the Principal amount in order for the receiver to receive the Principal Amount
  4. The receiver has the right to claim the amount but the amount will only be released after the sender releases it.
  5. The receiver can’t request release for 3 hours after request.
  6. The sender and receiver both can file a complaint with relevant adequate evidence.
  7.  Once the complaints are raised, the dispute handling fee levied shall not be reverted.
  8. Khalti escrow service & Dispute Fees are non-refundable.
  9. Khalti shall also have the right to file a complaint to law enforcement or relevant government authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions: kk5.io/FAQ-Khalti-Escrow


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