1. What is Khalti Escrow Service by Khalti?
    Khalti Escrow Service (SFT) is an escrow service provided by Khalti, ensuring a secure way for KYC-verified users to send money to another KYC-verified user. The funds are held in an intermediate Khalti escrow wallet until the receiver fulfills their obligations or until the amount is released by the sender.


  1. How does Khalti Escrow Service Work?
    When a user enables the Khalti Escrow Service, the funds are securely held in an escrow wallet. The seller is notified of the pending payment, and upon delivering the goods or services, the buyer can release the funds to complete the transaction.


  1. What fees are involved in a Khalti Escrow Service transaction?
    Khalti charges a fee of NRs. 10/- per transaction for using the Khalti Escrow Service. Additionally, if a complaint is raised during the transaction, a fee of NRs. 100/- is charged by the complainant.


  1. How can I enable Khalti Escrow Service for my transaction?
    To enable Khalti Escrow Service, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Khalti Home Screen and tap ‘Send Money.’
  2. Enter the amount and receiver’s details.
  3. Enable the ‘Khalti Escrow Service’ option.
  4. A transfer fee of NRs. 10/- will be applied to your total bill amount.
  5. Confirm the payment.


  1. Can both the sender and receiver raise a complaint during the transaction?
    Yes, both the sender and receiver have the right to raise a complaint if any issues arise during the transaction. However, a fee of NRs. 100/- is charged for raising a complaint, which is deducted from the principal amount.


  1. How are disputes and complaints resolved in Khalti Escrow Service?
    Khalti’s team handles and inspects all raised complaints impartially. They gather relevant evidence and contact both parties involved to understand the dispute thoroughly. The team holds the final authority to resolve the complaint.


  1. Can a raised complaint be reverted?
    No, once a complaint has been raised during a Khalti Escrow Service, it cannot be reverted. The resolution process will proceed based on the evidence presented.


  1. Is there a minimum amount for Secured Fund Transfer transactions?
    Yes, the minimum amount for a Khalti Escrow Service is NRs. 100.


  1. Can parties withdraw a complaint once it has been lodged?
    No, once a complaint has been lodged, it cannot be withdrawn. The complaint resolution process will continue until a verdict is reached.


  1. What is the Dispute Settlement Fee and when is it deducted?
    A dispute handling fee of Rs.100 shall be charged upon raising a complaint. The net amount is then released to the winning party within 3 days of resolution.


  1. Is Secured Fund Transfer mandatory for all transactions on Khalti?
    No, Khalti Escrow Service is optional. Money transfers can be done through regular transactions as well if the users choose not to use the SFT service.


  1. After enabling Khalti Escrow Service during transactions, where can we conveniently view the status of our funds?
    After enabling Khalti Escrow Service during transactions, you can conveniently view the status of your funds in the transaction history section of the Khalti app.


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