Imagine the thrill of wearing a breathtaking diamond ring by White Feathers on your finger. It’s not just a dream – it could be your reality with our most exciting offer ever! All you need to do is top up using Khalti with a minimum of Rs. 50, and you’ll automatically enter our mesmerizing lucky draw. 


And here’s the cherry on the cake-  Every week, two lucky winners will walk away with a Silver Eartop and Silver Ring, each worth Rs. 5000


How to participate in the Offer? 

 Absolutely effortless! To enter the Diamond Ring giveaway, simply top up Rs. 50 using Khalti. You can top up as many times as you like, but only the Khalti ID used for the top-up will be eligible. Your journey to win starts here!


Steps to Topup from Khalti: 

  • Login/Signup to Khalti
  • Tap on the ‘Khalti ma Diamond Ring’ icon on the ‘Featured Services’ section on Khalti’s home screen.
  • Enter the number and amount.
  • Proceed to payment choosing a payment method. 


What are the Bumper, Weekly, and Daily Prizes?

Discover the allure of our prizes!

Bumper:  With the top-up of Just Rs. 50 One Lucky winner will get a chance to win a stunning Diamond Ring by White Feathers worth a whopping Rs. 1 Lakh!


Weekly:  Every week, the magic continues with two lucky winners taking home Silver Eartops and Silver Rings, each worth Rs. 5000.


Daily:     Experience daily happiness with 25 Khalti points given for each recharge from the ‘Khalti मा Diamond Ring’ section.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. This offer is valid from 17th Bhadra to 1st Kartik, 2080 (3rd Sept to 18th Oct 2023) for  45 days.
  2. Valid for Consumer and POS
  3. KYC verified Khalti users are eligible for the lucky draw.
  4. Multiple entries (top-up transactions) are allowed per user.
  5. Could recharge any mobile number but the Khalti ID from which the user has recharged will be eligible. 
  6. No cash back in top-up from the  ‘Khalti मा Diamond Ring’ section. Recharge from the regular top-up section will not be eligible for the lucky draw. 
  7. Users will receive 25 Khalti Points on every top-up.
  8. Could recharge any mobile number but the Khalti ID from which the user has recharged will be eligible. 
  9. One Lucky winner will win a stunning Diamond Ring at the end of the campaign. 
  10. Weekly two Lucky winners will win a silver Eartop and Silver Ring.
  11. The Topup can be done in any number, but only the Khalti ID from which the Topup was done will be considered the participant. 
  12. Khalti reserves the right at all times to modify or amend the Terms and Conditions of this contest or cancel it with immediate effect without giving any prior notice to any party.
  13. Khalti employees are not eligible to participate in the contest and shall be disqualified as participants.
  14. The reward won through this contest must be claimed within 15 days from the date of the announcement.
  15. The reward won through this contest is non-transferable and non-refundable, and Khalti shall not bear any responsibility for any claim put forward by the winner concerning the Prize.
  16. Khalti’s decision in case of any dispute regarding this offer shall be final.
  17. Khalti reserves the right to cancel plans if suspicious activity is found.
  18. Khalti reserves the right to disqualify any winner if necessary. 


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