A lot of people rely on good internet for their important work and other tasks and life seems impossible without 24/7 internet accessibility.  But it happens sometimes we happen to miss the due date of our internet bill.

However, as the online bill payment has taken over the traditional methods, we are happy to say that you can now easily pay your Techminds bill from Khalti.  You need not fret about missing the bill payment date or about standing in the long queues. With Khalti’s fast and reliable bill payment service you can pay easily sitting restfully at your home even if it is the last day of your bill payment.

Therefore, the bill payment process is super easy and convenient as you just need to enter a few details and go ahead with the payment. So all the Techminds user now can simply follow these simple steps to pay and to enjoy the smooth internet service:

Signup and Login to Khalti from Khalti App or Web Dashboard using Khalti.com

Step 1: Tap on “Internet” icon on the home screen.

pay techminds bill online

Step 2: select “Techminds”

pay techminds bill online

Step 3: Enter your Techmind’s “Customer ID” and tap to “Get Details”

pay techminds bill online

Step 4: Select an option for the payment and tap on “Pay Bill” to proceed.

pay techminds bill online

Step 5: Confirm the details. Your payment will be successful after you click on ‘OK’ and you will get cashback instantly.  (Cashback is only available for wallet payment).

pay techminds bill online

Step 6:  Your Techminds bill will be paid instantly.

pay techminds bill online

Now, without any worry, you can enjoy Techmind’s uninterrupted Internet service while spending your days at home. Also, you can get a downloadable transaction receipt from the transaction section in the Khalti app.

Don’t have a Khalti account? Create it in two minutes!

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