Declared as a pandemic by the World health organization (WHO) the rapidly spreading epidemic of coronavirus is prompting second thoughts about reaching for cash. 

According to CNBC “Analysts are saying that the “psychological factor” of people thinking of cash as “unclean” could prompt more adoption of things like Apple Pay and Venmo.” 

Likewise, here in Nepal, not that people here are ready to fully accept the digital payment trend but in a coronavirus era nobody wants to touch cash anymore especially those consumers who are very conscious of what they touch.

So in an era where the government has voiced the public not to assemble in large gatherings, to avoid handshakes, to wash our hands as often as possible, and paying by your phone which is safer as only one person is involved in the process and has to touch the device, not two. Having said that with Khalti you can easily do all your essential transactions with contactless methods and without having to compromise your mental health.

In this time of crisis, we the team of Khalti request everyone to follow the simple rule #workfromhome #payfromhome protecting yourself and others. So here is how you can still manage your transactions easily using Khalti continuing with the “social distancing” and helping in “flattening the curve”: 


Khalti Instant transfer (Send/Request)

Imagine if your friends are in need of money to pay his/her internet bills urgently, then this specific feature Send/Request of Khalti provides great benefit at this point in time. Send/Request means the money transfer between two Khalti wallet users. Khalti send/request allows you to either send funds to the other person or request funds, either way, you will be notified. You can do so by following these simple steps:

  1. Tap on ‘Send/Request’ on the home screen of the Khalti App
  2. Tap on send and Enter the mobile number for whom you’re sending funds (The friend/ family whom you are sending should be a Khalti User)
  3. Once you enter the details, you are required to confirm the details and then tap on the sending fund, your friend’s Khalti will be loaded instantly.

This feature of Khalti is of great benefit allowing payments anytime and anywhere, making funds easily available, and increasing the ability to control your personal plus business funds.


Utility Payments

Reducing your public exposure can minimize your risk of getting sick and instead of distressing missing bill dates and late fees, using Khalti will keep you out of such worries. So load Khalti using m-Banking, e-banking, and ATM cards and start your habit of paying online. At these circumstances you can easily avail these services of Khalti and also get cashback as well:

You can easily monitor all your transactions on a weekly or monthly basis and get a downloadable receipt from Khalti after the successful payment.


Easy and free Bank Transfers

To reduce the risk of handling cash, Khalti users can now easily transfer funds to 40 plus bank accounts freely. If you have to pay someone urgently or any pending business payments, now avoiding the risk of going outside you can easily transfer to that person’s bank account.


Teach and Learn

Lastly, learn new things, meditate and take care of your physical and mental health as well. Utilize this time to learn various skills and let those DIY muscles get to work. How about creating your own homemade hand sanitizer? Also, teach your parents and your siblings how to pay bills online via Khalti and make their life simple and easier. Not panicking during uncertain times can be tough but teaching and learning will surely make you not think negatively and be productive at the same time!

Don’t have Khalti account? Create it in two minutes!

Don’t have enough funds in the Khalti wallet to pay bills? Load fund instantly using mobile banking, eBanking, ATM cards,  connect IPS, directly from a linked bank account, request from your Khalti Friend, bank voucher deposit, Khalti Sewa Kendra, and more methods! How?