The entrance form along with the college admission process in Nepal has often remained bound by traditional methods, causing unnecessary complications for both students and colleges. But fear not, Khalti introduces Pravesika, a Common Digital Admission System to smoothen the application process for you.  This blog looks into how Pravesika, is transforming college entrance and admissions in Nepal, promoting access, equity, and integrity while providing benefits to you like simplified entrance form process, convenient online registration, admit card generation, and many more. Pravesika serves as a centralized platform, simplifying your registration process for college applicants across Nepal. This user-friendly system brings colleges and students together in one common platform, eliminating the need to physically visit the location for Entrance Form submission. 


Steps for admission fee payment 

  1.   Go to pravesika.com/ to view the listed colleges. 
  2.   You can also sort and filter the Colleges.
  3.   Once you select the Colleges and apply, you need to
    •     Log In (If you are already a user)
    •     Sign Up (If you are first time user)
  4.   Type in the email address or mobile phone number to create your account and Sign in,
    •   Fill in all the required fields to register for your application. 
    •   Fill in all the additional requirements (if required by the institution) for the common entrance exam.
  1.   Complete the application with payment through Khalti or other available payment  methods.
  2.   You will receive an OTP in your SMS. Confirm your payment with the OTP.


Benefits of using Pravesika

  1. Simplified Admission Form Process: Pravesika eliminates the struggle of filling out physical admission forms. 
  2. Wide Range of College Options: Pravesika brings together numerous colleges from across Nepal into one centralized platform. You can gain access to a diverse range of college options.
  3. Time and Cost Savings: Pravesika saves you valuable time and money. With the elimination of physical form submission and travel requirements, you can complete the entire admission process from the comfort of their homes.
  4. Digital Admit Cards: Pravesika replaces the traditional physical admit cards with digital versions. You can conveniently access your admit cards through the platform, eliminating the risk of misplacing or forgetting their admission documents.

  Pravesika brings a shift to the college admission process in Nepal, offering numerous benefits for students. From simplifying the admission form process to providing a wide range of college options, discounts, and digital admit cards. With this digital platform, you have the power to choose your preferred colleges, save time, and make informed decisions about your future. So what are you waiting for? Join in your dream college today.    Don’t have Khalti? Download now For more updates about Khalti’s campaign, events, services, and offers, you can also follow us on our official Facebook page, YoutubeTwitterViberLinkedinTiktok, and Instagram.