Khalti introduces you to Pravesika, a digital solution to integrate your college with online Entrance forms. If your college wants to reach a wider mass of students, then you might not want to miss this opportunity. In today’s world, it is essential for every industry to adapt digital solutions. With this, you can avoid the hassle of physical registration forms and manual tracking, continue to create inefficiencies and set back the potential of students and colleges.

This blog explores the transformative impact Pravesika can have on colleges, emphasizing its ability to simplify the admission form process and revolutionize the way students and colleges interact.


How can your Colleges benefit from Pravesika? 


Activity Tracker: Gain Valuable Insights

Pravesika’s activity tracker provides Colleges with valuable insights into applicant engagement. This feature allows you to monitor each applicant’s progress. By analyzing this data, your institute can gain a deeper understanding of applicant interests and preferences. This valuable information enables Colleges to personalize communication, identify areas of improvement to enhance the overall admission process. 


API Integration: Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Systems

API integration is a key feature of Pravesika, allowing colleges to receive leads directly into their internal dashboard. By integrating Pravesika’s APIs into your College website, you can effortlessly capture and manage leads in real-time. This seamless integration helps the management process, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and ensures a more efficient and effective communication flow.


Entrance System and Analytics Dashboard: Data-Driven Decision Making

Pravesika offers a comprehensive entrance system and analytics dashboard that empowers your Colleges to make data-driven decisions. With the entrance system the need for physical visits is eliminated, simplifying the process for both local and non-local students. The analytics dashboard provides your College with real-time access to critical data.


Marketing Services: Reaching the Right Students

Pravesika goes beyond providing a platform; it offers comprehensive marketing services to help your College reach your target audience effectively. With our digital marketing expertise, we can help colleges connect with a diverse pool of students from different regions based on their specific requirements. By utilizing targeted marketing campaigns colleges can increase your visibility, attract qualified applicants, and strengthen your brand presence in the highly competitive education landscape.


Why Khalti Stands Out?

Khalti, as the driving force behind Pravesika, initiated this Digital Common Admission System that differentiates itself from other education portals and ERP companies for three primary reasons:

  • The extensive user network ensures that Pravesika reaches a broad audience, maximizing the opportunities for colleges to connect with potential applicants.
  • Unlike other platforms, Khalti offers its own payment system integrated into Pravesika.
  • Wide community in the Education domain.


In an increasingly digital world, colleges should adapt and embrace innovative solutions to stay competitive and efficient in the admission process. Pravesika offers a range of benefits, taking advantage of these features, colleges can gain valuable insights into applicant behavior, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, make data-driven decisions, and effectively reach their target students. 


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