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Bhairahawa serves as a gateway to Lumbini, one of Nepal’s most valuable heritage sites, as well as the Nepal-India border from Belahiya. Visitors are frequently at a loss for what to do in this city because most people are unaware that Bhairahawa has a variety of activities and detours that might make for an enjoyable journey.

Here are things you can do in Bhairahawa

Visit Belahiya-Sonauli border

The Belahiya-Sonauli border is a piece of cake for Bhairahawa residents. However, for tourists, this can be a rewarding experience. Sonauli is a tiny busy bazaar with a variety of local stores. Sonauli is the place to go if you want ethnic women’s attire at a fair price. The overall aesthetics can be overwhelming, but Sonauli provides a wonderful insight into the local lives of people from both India and Nepal who live on the border.

Fulbari in Butwal

Fulbari Park, also known as Manimukunda Sen Park, contains the ruins of Palpali ruler Manimukunda’s winter residence. Fulbari may be a fascinating journey for a history enthusiast after visiting Lumbini and seeing the medieval ruins of stupas near to Mayadevi shrine. The remainder of the area has been transformed into a park. You can also visit Ostrich Farm in Gangoliya.

Visit Lumbini

Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, is around 25 kilometers from Bhairahawa. You can take a local bus from Buddha Chowk to Lumbini that takes around one hour. To move around, you can rent a bicycle from one of the gates or take an e-rickshaw. The Mayadevi Temple, World Peace Pagoda, and monasteries established by Buddhist communities from all over the world are located on the 1.95-hectare property.

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