Wanna get Everest Experience? Book Kathmandu to Mount Everest flight tickets now.

Everest Experience is something that one cannot imagine without experiencing it. The glorious view could only be seen by the birds very closely and no human could see it up close. Many people have attempted but failed to summit Everest, the world’s highest peak. It has always been the private domain of a small group of mountaineers, never open to other mortals. But now Nepal flights have brought you one of the most exclusive tours, that is mountain flight. A flight that takes you deep into the Himalayas, through valleys near to the rock face, and as close as five nautical miles from the summit of Everest. Now you may witness nature’s breathtaking beauty in its purest form; raw, unadulterated, and genuinely spectacular. Book Kathmandu to Mount Everest flight with Yeti Airlines easily.

The flight lasts anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour. During the trip, you will see 20 of Nepal’s tallest peaks, beginning with the Langtang Lirung peak, which is the nearest mountain to Kathmandu, then moving east to Mt. Everest, and ultimately flying to Chamlang peak. The plane then performs a spin, giving the passengers a second glimpse at the scenery as they fly back.

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