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Located in Khumbu, Lukla is a village. This sizable village is located on a hill overlooking the Dudh Kosi River. For hikers and climbers, Lukla is the starting point for their ascent to Everest. As a result of the opening of the airstrip at Lukla, the Everest region has become more accessible to a wider range of individuals, not only mountaineers. There are several places to stay in Lukla (most are basic), as well as many stores offering everything from batteries and soap to yak hair gloves and coats, as well as a few internet cafés. Buy Kathmandu to Lukla flights and enjoy your trip.

Trails in Lukla

Trail Lukla to Phakding

A morning flight from Kathmandu gets visitors to Lukla, where they walk to Phakding before heading to Namche Bazaar, the starting point of the trek to Everest Base Camp. From Lukla to Phakding, the path is mostly flat before dropping into the Dudh Kosi Canyon.

Trail Phakding to Namche

Onward to Namache from Phakding the route slowly ascends the Dudh Canyon, crossing it four times on its right until it reaches the top. Before you reach Namche, the route passes the park’s entrance and offers your first glimpse of Everest. The town of Monjo, which is roughly midway between the two points, is a nice place to stop for lunch. The last ascent to Namche is rather steep, and because of the increasing altitude, some trekkers find it more challenging.

Trail Namche to Tengboche

The path departs Namche and provides some of the first magnificent views of Everest, which stands behind Lhotse and Nuptse, as well as Ama Dablam on the east bank of the Dhudh Kosi. Initially, the path is quite flat, skirting the Dhudh Kosi and then dropping to the river before beginning an ascent to Tengboche’s sheer cliff face. Near the bridge at the foot of the canyon is a little restaurant and tea house where you may get lunch, garlic soup, or coffee.

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