Have you known about our Flight at Rs.1 campaign, have you participated in it yet? We have some of our winners saying how they have felt after they won. 

Khalti offers and campaigns have always been exciting things for users. Even we find it very exciting to see our users participating in the campaign and winning. 

A few weeks ago on 6th September Khalti had launched a Flight at Rs.1 campaign where every day one of the users who has booked their flight ticket with Khalti would win their ticket at just Rs.1. This campaign is getting huge success. It has been 24 days now since the campaign is running and we are having our winners daily. 


Here are some of our winners from the campaign

Get to know our winners and what they have got to say about their winning experience.

Aaditya Chand


I have been using Khalti now for quite some time. This time I used Khalti for booking a Buddha Airlines ticket. I knew about the Flight at Rs.1 campaign of Khalti, so just taking a chance I booked my ticket with Khalti. And to my surprise, it was me who won. I was so happy. I got the money back that I had paid while booking my ticket. I am thankful to Khalti for making me a winner. I have also shared this news with my friends and have suggested they use Khalti.


Dauradi Tours and Travels

Dauradi Tours and TravelsWe are a Khalti agent and we book tickets using Khalti for business purposes. We had known about the Flight at Rs.1 campaign of Khalti but were not sure if we would win or not. Just like that for business purposes, we booked a ticket for 9th September, and guess what? We were winners for that day. It was something that we had not expected at all. We are happy with Khalti as it has given us a good business opportunity. We also suggest others to use Khalti as it is beneficial.


         Sunita Poudel


A few days back I was traveling and my husband had helped me book my ticket from Khalti. I found that the cashback we get with Khalti is higher than the others. I also had no idea about the campaign that is running in Khalti. Later I found that I had become a winner of their campaign. It was very surprising for me. I told my husband about it and he told me that he had known about the campaign and had just taken a chance. After this, I am sure that I will be using Khalti always and will also suggest others to use it.

Red Enterprises

Red Enterprises

Being an enterprise, we mainly use Khalti for business purposes. We mainly use Khalti for booking flight tickets. A few days back we got to know about the campaign that Khalti is running. We got excited about whether we can win or not. Every day with the hope of winning we booked tickets and finally on 28th September we won. It was such a good feeling we got. We have been using Khalti and have always enjoyed its services and offers. Khalti has made our work simpler also. We are thankful to Khalti. We have also been suggesting others use Khalti.


  Nikita Sharma 

NikitaI saw Khalti’s Ad on Facebook from where I got to know about the Flight at Rs.1 campaign, I also had to travel just at that time. Just taking a chance I booked myself a ticket and yes I was the winner. I was happy and excited. I am very happy with Khalti and have shared this with all my friends and asked them also to use Khalti.


We also got some videos from our winners. Watch them now:

Santosh Timsina

Sachet Lohani


The campaign is still valid and you can still be one of the winners to get their flight ticket at Rs.1. To know about the campaign, read our blog:

अब Khalti बाट मात्र रु. १ मा Flight Ticket. You can also watch the video:

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