With holidays incoming, the flight fare and bus fare are sure to hike up. And waiting until the last minute to book your flight for the trip home for the holidays will definitely work against you. Finding last-minute cheap flight tickets is almost impossible, therefore here is what you do.

The standard course of last-minute travel plans includes stress, trying to find cheap flight tickets, and eventually giving up, getting onto any flight, and paying more than it is worth. We have all been there at least once in our lives, but what if we tell you that there is a way to hack into this vicious cycle and get cheaper flight tickets even when traveling last minute?

The digital connectivity that the world offers today allows for greater accessibility and options. With options for digital payments on the rise, you can purchase a ticket from anywhere, anytime.  Finding and booking cheaper tickets online simplifies your buying process, leaving out run-ins with varied agents altogether. Who needs the added stress of going around to find the best tickets in a hurry? No one.

Instead, you can use these little hacks which help you to get cheap flight tickets.

The more rigid you are with travel time, airline preference, seats the harder it will be to find cheaper options. In order to keep as many options open as possible being flexible help. Usually, flights that are extremely early or extremely late have lesser bookings,  allowing you more chances of scoring cheaper tickets! It is a win-win for everyone, the airline needs a filled-in flight and you need some cheap seats.

Start Stalking

These days airlines are quite active on social media and are usually posting about their latest promotions. Hence, sharpen your stalking skills and view their social media handles to see if any such promotions are available. This is sometimes a bit of a stretch when it is last minute but it never hurts to try. Sometimes these promotional campaigns require you to participate in a survey or a little game and get a cheaper flight, it may not result in a huge discount but even a little reduction in the pricing is worth stalking for.

Go Digital

As mentioned earlier, forgo the old ways of ticket booking and go digital. Platforms like Khalti give you a hassle-free way to do this.

Khalti has tied up with many domestic airlines such as Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, Saurya Airlines, Shree Airlines, and Simrik Airlines and you get easy access to many cheap flight tickets. Buying online usually leads to a smooth experience where you don’t need to scour from one ticketing agent to another to get your money’s worth.

Here is how this works, once you know where you are going you can log in or sign up to Khalti, select the “flight book” service and check for the cheapest tickets available and book your flight.

Avoid Holidays and long weekends

Domestic traveling is most rampant during the holiday season, the demand often hikes up the prices. It is advised to avoid traveling around these times if you are looking for cheaper tickets. Your best bet? Weekdays and low trekking seasons especially relevant in the case of Nepal.

And with the holiday season around the corner, you better get down and start looking for better rates and offers to grab one of those cheap flight tickets very soon.

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