The biggest and most anticipated football tournament in the world is set to start within a few weeks. 

Want to watch it but don’t know how and where? 

Don’t worry! with Khalti you can easily subscribe for WORLDCUP TV package on your Set Top box at Rs.500 (+Rs.65 VAT)and enjoy the tournament at your convenience. 

This year, WorldCup being hosted by Qatar, is featuring 32 teams, competing in 8 groups, has undoubtedly energized soccer fans. With a massive prize pool of $42M for the winning team along with $30M for the runner-up and $27M for Third Place, this is set to be the biggest WorldCup among the various events organized in the past years. 

With millions of anticipated live physical spectators, watching it LIVE in itself is a special moment. However, those with limitations to experience the tournament in real-time, still have the opportunity to watch it from the comfort of their house. For this, Khalti has partnered up with various cable providers for you to be able to purchase TV packages so that you can now enjoy the world’s biggest tournament from your home, with friends and family.  

Khalti allows its users to instantly purchase a variety of packages from numerous cable providers, making the process hassle-free and time-saving. Don’t know how? We got you covered! 


worldcup package


How to buy WorldCup TV Packages through Khalti 

Step 1: Login/Sign-up to Khalti 

Step 2: Go to “WORLD CUP TV Package” in Featured Services

Step 3: Select your TV provider

Step 4: Enter your Customer ID & Set Topbox number 

Step 5: Proceed to payment

Now, within a few clicks, you can instantly subscribe to the WORLDCUP TV Package. After the purchase, a new channel “Himalaya TV Premium HD” will be unlocked on your TV, from where you can enjoy the World Cup with your friends and family.


Click here to look at the world cup match schedule and find out when your favorite team will play. Don’t miss any of your favorite teams’ games.



How to Subscribe DishHome WORLDCUP TV Package from Khalti? Click here to learn.


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