Khalti Quiz was introduced targeting our Khalti users to have fun with an opportunity to win a smartphone every month. Additionally, the top 10 selected winners will also win the Khalti coupon daily. 

Every morning, you will be notified with a new set of Khalti quiz questions. All you need to do is simply tap on the correct answer from the given answer choices to participate. For each correct answer, you will score quiz points and a chance to enter the lucky draw contest. So install Khalti on your mobile and start playing the Khalti quiz


How to play Khalti Quiz?

  1. Khalti Quiz questions will be published via push notifications once a day (can be multiple) in the app around 8 am daily.
  2. In case you miss the quiz questions, you can answer the quiz question from the Play Khalti Quiz option in the menu bar.
  3. 150 points will be rewarded for the KYC verified user if he/she gives the correct answer or else only 100 points will be rewarded.
  4. Time slots are given to answer the question.
  5. For each question, you will be given the answer choices. Choose the correct one from the choices.
  6. You will get to answer the quiz questions one hour before the results.
  7. The results will be published at around 8 PM daily.
  8. Khalti Quiz is available on the latest version of the App. So, don’t forget to update your app.


Khalti Quiz Gift Hampers:

  1. If you answer the quiz question correctly, you will get enrolled in a daily lucky draw contest.
  2. The top 10 winners will be selected daily and will receive Khalti not-telco coupons. 
  3. Participants will get Points for each correct answer which will be accumulated for a month.
  4. Quiz points will be reset at the end of every month for monthly Leaderboard ranking.
  5. You will be ranked on the leaderboard from high to low according to Quiz Points earned.
  6. The user at the top of the leaderboard will get a monthly Khalti Gift Hamper.


( *Note: Khalti points and quiz points are not the same. Hence, you cannot redeem the quiz points.)