FIFA World Cup, the most-watched sporting event of the world is around the corner, and footballers, coaches and all of the fans across the globe are in the grip of World Cup fever. To celebrate this sporting extravaganza, WorldLink has brought to you the WorldLink World Cup Mela 2018 where you will be engaged and entertained with various activities like “Predict and Win”, “My Prediction”, “World Cup Football ko Wikipedia (quiz)” and many more.

Also, there are attractive gift hampers for all the winners like OnePlus 6 mobile, free internet subscriptions, shopping vouchers from Daraz Nepal, Football Jersey, QFX Movie tickets,  Khalti Cash Coupons, and many more.

How to participate in World Cup Mela?

Go to https://worldcup.worldlink.com.np/ and register, and you are all set for the celebration.


What are the entertaining activities/features that you can engage in World Cup Mela?

1. Predict and Win

You can predict each and every match of the World Cup with either a win or a draw prediction for which you will get Jersey of your Favorite World Cup Team

2. My Prediction

Here you can predict the entire tie sheet from group stage qualifications to Finale. You just have to predict the winners and not the score. We have allocated points for every stage for e.g.: Group stage – 100 points, round of 16 – 200 points, quarterfinal – 400 points, semifinal – 600 points, and finale – 800 points. 


Points Collection for the App:
Stages of World Cup 2018: Points Allocated: Total Points that can be won:
Group Stage 100 points 1600 points
Round of 16 200 points 1600 points
Quarter-Finals 300 points 1200 points
Semi-Finals 400 points 800 points
Third Place 500 points 500 points
Finals 600 points 600 points

For example, during the predictions in WorldLink World Cup App:

If User A selects options as Germany and Russia which advances from the Group Stage to be correct predictions, User A will get 200 points on the scoreboard but if User A only gets one option correct, User A will only get 100 points. Then if User A gets 2 correct predictions in Round of 16, then 400 points will be added. Thus, making User A’s scoreboard has a total of 600 points. It will continue on until the Finals if they make correct predictions.

The score will be automatically updated once the group stage is over and for transparency, you can check the scoreboard on daily basis to check who is leading.

3. Players Awards

This feature will be Live after the group stage where you have to mention the full name of the players who will win the Golden Boot, Golden Ball, and Golden gloves. Each right prediction will help you gain 200 points which will then be added to your scoreboard.

4. WorldLink football ko Wikipedia Quiz

This will be Live from 10th June and will be carried throughout the World Cup 2018. This will be the challenge to test your General Knowledge of the World Cup where you have to answer 5 questions on alternate days. Right answers will make you eligible for attractive prizes from Daraz Nepal, QFX movie tickets, Tickets to Chandragiri Cable Car, and Jersey.

Gift Hampers Announcement:

  1. There are many surprising and amazing gifts for you on stores like OnePlus 6 mobile phones, free internet subscriptions, Jersey of your favorite team, pair of Chandragiri cable car tickets, QFX movie tickets, shopping vouchers, Khalti Cash Coupons, and many more
  2. The winners of Predict and Win of every match will be announced after the end of each match.

When will the contest start?

  1. The contest has already started on 1 June 2018 and will continue till 15 July 2018.

Some rules to participate in World Cup Mela:

  1. You must have a valid account on Facebook to participate in this contest.
  2. Before starting the contest, you must provide valid information via the registration form.
  3. You must predict your tie sheet predictions from the Tie Sheet Prediction tab. Once you submit your prediction, your tie sheet will be generated. You can update your Prediction till 13 June 2018.
  4. You must finish Predict the Players Awards before quarterfinal rounds
  5. You can predict the team from Predict Now Only the matches of the particular day will be available for prediction. You can predict for a single game for a single time only.
  6. You are allowed to play the quiz and you must submit all their answer within 30 secs.
  7. Every Quiz set will have 5 winners.
  8. You can see your prediction history from History
  9. You can check your progress in Leaderboard
  10. The announcement of winners will be done through social media and the World Cup App.
  11. To claim the prize, the winner must present a valid ID copy.

It’s World Cup time! Let’s celebrate it together!