This year, Anshika Sharma will be representing Nepal in Miss Universe 2021. Your vote can get her a direct entry in the Top 21 of the prestigious event, happening on 16th May 2021 at Hollywood, FL, USA.


How to vote:

  1. Go to Khalti Homescreen
  2. Click on “Votings” and select “Vote Anshika and help her reach Top 21”
  3. Select the number of votes
  4. Select a payment option and click on “Submit”


Terms & Conditions

  1. This voting event is an initiation by Miss Universe Nepal and presented by Brave Bold Beautiful Pvt. Ltd. (official franchise of Miss Universe 2021 in Nepal), in collaboration with Khalti Digital Wallet and Anshika’s supporters residing in Nepal.
  2. This service is provided by Brave Bold Beautiful Pvt. Ltd. for supporters who are unable to vote because of international transaction restrictions.
  3. Votings amount are all converted prices as per the voting packages options available in the Miss Universe App. All amounts are inclusive of necessary taxes as imposed by the Government of Nepal for money transfer to abroad countries, in this case, the USA.
  4. The purchased votes in Khalti Digital Wallet app will convert into the same number of votes sent to Miss Universe Organization as a purchase of votes for Anshika as a representative of Nepal by Brave Bold Beautiful Pvt. Ltd
  5. The voting period coincides with the Miss Universe app voting countdown which is set to end on May 16, the day of the 69th Miss Universe Finals.