• What is The Biggest Payment Jatra- करोडौँको अफर?

The Biggest Payment Jatra is a 2 Month offer (for 63 days) where Khalti users can get a chance to win incredible prizes and cashback worth more than a Crore, which includes, the bumper prize of five Pulsar N160, a daily Khutruke with Cashback on Topup, Flight, Electricity, Movies, and many more, Scratch Card after every payment, two iPhone 14, One Plus 11, Weekly smart Tv, Smartwatch, Free Meroshare Renewal and many amazing gift hampers. 


  • What is ‘Khutruke’ and where can we find it?

Khutruke is a daily reward of ‘The Biggest Payment Jatra’ where you can get surprises of Coupons and Cashback on Topup, Movies, Flight Tickets, Bluebook Renewal, and many more. You don’t need to make any payment to get this daily reward. Khutruke will Pop-up in the ‘Jatra section’ every 24 hours. You will find this section in the Recharge and Payments. 


  • What is Scratch Card? 

Scratch Card is the payment reward where you can get Gift Vouchers on Lifestyle, SEMIR, Kamiliant by American Tourister, Blackberrys, Foodmandu, and many more,  Smartwatch, Earbuds, Movie-tickets, Cashback on Topup, Flight, Electricity, Internet and many more. You will get this digital Scratch Card after every service payment above Rs.100. 

 During the offer period, we’re giving away a whopping 1 crore scratch cards. This means the more payments you make, the more scratch cards you’ll receive.


Remember: Fund Load and Bank Transfers are not included as service payments.


  • How to win a bumper prize pulsar N160?

The 2-month offer (Jestha 1 – Ashar 31 ) is divided into 4 rounds: Round 1( Jesth1- Jesth 15), Round 2(Jesth 16- Jesth 32), Round 3 (Ashar 1- Ashar 15), and Round 4 (Ashar 15- Ashar 31) with the interval of 15, 17,15, and 16 days respectively. Users who complete any 2 payments in each Round will be eligible for the lucky draw of Pulsar N160. Additionally, users who become eligible in all four Rounds will also be eligible for the Bonus Round where there are more chances to win Pulsar N160. Hence, in total, there are 5 chances for a user to win Pulsar N160. 

Remember: In order to be eligible to win, you must complete at least 2 payments from Khalti in each round.


  • How to Win iPhone 14 and Oneplus 11?

The bumper prize of two iPhone 14 is an exclusive offer to users who pay WorldLink bills and buy Flight Tickets. Hence, anyone who makes the payment for these two services each stands a chance to win an iPhone 14. Similarly, another exclusive offer stands for OnePlus 11 on insurance premium payments from Khalti. 


  • What is the weekly Giveaway and how to participate? 

As a weekly Giveaway under ‘The Biggest Payment Jatra’ we are giving away Smart Tv weekly to one Lucky winner on Insurance Payment through Khalti. Hence, 8 Smart TV is waiting for 8 Lucky winners within the 8 Week offer.


  • How long will the offer last?

The Biggest Payment Jatra will run for 63 days long. That is from Jesth 1st 2080 to Ashar 31, 2080.  All the KYC Verified Khalti users can participate and enjoy the offer.




Part  Bumper Prize Number of Winners 

कसरी जित्ने ?


Bajaj Pulsar N160  5 भाग्यशाली बिजेता

(हरेक Round मा २ पटक भुक्तानी गरि)

Round 1: Jesth 1- Jesth15
Round 2: Jesth 16- Jesth 32

Round 3: Asar 1- Asar 15

Round 4: Asar 16- Asar 31

Round 5:  यो २ महिना को अफरमा सबै ४ हप्ता सम्म भाग लिई 

iPhone 14

1 भाग्यशाली बिजेता

WorldLink Payment गरि 

iPhone 14

1 भाग्यशाली बिजेता

Flight Ticket book गरि

Oneplus 11

1 भाग्यशाली बिजेता

Insurance Payment गरि 


 Weekly Prize 



Prizes  No. of winners

कसरी जित्ने ?


Smart TV Weekly 1 winner

Insurance Premium payment गरि 


Daily Prize :


के मा ?


कसरी जित्ने ?


Cashback on Topup, Movies, Flight, Electricity, Khanepani, Insurance, Internet, Bluebook Renewal, and many more.  हरेक दिन Khutruke फुटाइ
Scratch Card  Gift Vouchers on Lifestyle, SEMIR, Kamiliant by American Tourister, Blackberrys, Foodmandu, and many more,  Smartwatch, Earbuds, Movie-tickets, Cashback on Topup, Flight, Electricity, Internet, and many more.  Each Payment (upto Rs. 100) गरेर 


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