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Note-This offer is applicable in every cinema hall across Nepal. 


How to book Khajure Bro movie tickets?

 Step 1:  Log in or Sign into Khalti 

 Step2: Click on the ‘Movie’ section

 Step3: Select the movie poster of ‘ Khajure Bro’ 

 Step4: Choose your preferred date, show time, and theater 

  Step 5: Apply Promocode ‘KHAJUREBRO’ to get 10% Cashback (upto Rs. 200) 

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 Step 8: Proceed to pay 

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Terms and conditions

  1. One person will win both ways Airfares to Thailand 
  2. This offer is valid for two days ( Baisakh 28-Baisakh 29) 
  3. You can either buy tickets from Khalti app or Physically from the cinema. 
  4.  KYC verification is mandatory.