Are you planning to prepare for Lok Sewa Aayog (Public Service Commission), Banking exam, CA exams, Korean & Japanese language or other academic courses? Are you confused about where to study for the preparation for these exams? Have you not found proper learning material? You are not alone who is going through this confusion. Tens of thousands of youths in Nepal go through this confusion every time they have to prepare for exams. Now you don’t have to worry about this problem. Ottish – an online learning platform has started online exam preparation courses in Nepal. Interestingly, you can pay for your desired courses directly from Khalti.

What is Ottish? How are the Online Exam Preparation Courses on this platform?


Ottish is a platform for educational and learning resources in Nepal. It was founded by a group of top-notch professionals in Nepal. More than 10,000 people have already joined this platform and learning from the online learning materials available on this platform. Ottish is working to help students learn effectively in an engaging virtual atmosphere. The company aims to transform traditional learning systems with newer approaches and to break the barriers of cost, location, and inaccessibility to all the learning spirits.

It provides high-quality learning material. The learning resources are prepared by experienced instructors and subject experts. If you are preparing for an exam, the learning material at Ottish will definitely be of great help to you.

Why should you choose Ottish for online exam preparation?


Ottish provides high-quality courses at your fingertips from wherever you want to learn.

If you are from outside of Kathmandu valley, you don’t need to come to Kathmandu to prepare for the exam. All you need is an internet connection in your device and a balance in your Khalti account to pay for the course. And, you are all set to go.

Even if you are in Kathmandu, Ottish will be of great help to you. You don’t need to spend a heavy amount to pay at institutes. You don’t have to waste your valuable time in traffic jams. You can prepare for all the courses from your home.

Interesting features of Ottish online exam preparation and learning platform


Learn anytime, anywhere: Learn your favourite course at your place at your time. All you need is to register to get started.

Cost-effective: The courses at Ottish are cheaper than the fee at institutes. Enrolling at Ottish will help you to save money.

Time-saving: Save your valuable time eaten up by transportation and traffic. You can utilize this saved time in other useful works.

Online exam preparation courses currently available at Ottish


  1. लोकसेवा तयारी (अधिकृत, नासु, खरिदार)
  2. लोकसेवा तयारी (संगठित संस्था) (नेपाल विद्युत प्राधिकरण (NEA Preparation) – ४ तह)
  3. Language Class (Korean Language EPS TOPIK, Japanese Language)
  4. Entrance Preparation Classes (CMAT Preparation & Bride Course for 10+2)
  5. Practical Training (Accounting, Taxation, Tax Return Filing)
  6. Banking Preparation (Rashtriya Banijya Bank (RBB)– 4 & 5 levels, Agriculture Development Bank (ADBL) – 4 & 5 levels)
  7. Chartered Accountancy (CA – Membership, CA – ICAN Courses)
  8. Academic Tuition Class (BBS & MBS Classes)
  9. And, many more to be added soon

How to enrol in online exam preparation courses at Ottish and pay from Khalti?


1: Register and log in to ottish.com. You can simply register using your Gmail or Facebook account.

2: Choose your desired course and click on BUY NOW

3: The payment interface of Khalti opens. You can pay through eBanking or balance in your Khalti Wallet

To pay from Khalti Wallet:

Step 1: Enter your Khalti ID (mobile number) and tap on the ‘PAY’ button

Step 2: Enter your transaction PIN and OTP (one-time-password) you have just received on your mobile registered with Khalti and tap on ‘Confirm Payment’

(Note: If you are a new user, you will receive a third party transaction pin in your Khalti registered mobile number which you can change by going to the ‘More’ → Settings→ Third Party Transaction option in Khalti App.)

After the successful payment, you are successfully enrolled in the course. Now, you can study the quality learning material from Ottish as per your desire and time convenience.

Best wishes for your exam and career from Khalti!


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