The Voice Kids Nepal – Season 2 is being broadcasted on Himalaya TV every Friday and Saturday at 8 PM. The show officially started on Fagun 26, 2079, and has completed Blind Auditions, followed by a Knockout Round until the first week of Baisakh. Voting lines for The Voice Kids Nepal begin from Baisakh 8, 2080. 

You can vote for your favorite talent using the Khalti app if you are voting from Nepal, & can vote from Khalti.com if you are voting from abroad.


The Voice Kids Coaches

The show is hosted by Sushil Nepal and coach Sushant KC, Prabisha Adhikari, Milan Newar, and Pramod Kharel are judging the show in this season. Children aged from 6 years to 14 years are taking part in the show.


Voting Round in The Voice Kids Nepal 

There are Top 24 talents selected for this round, each team consisting of 6 of them. In each voting round, every two members of the team will be eliminated based on the votes received. At the finale, only the remaining top 8 talents, 2 from each team will be selected for the Finale round.

 Voting results will be announced next week every Friday at 8:00 PM on the live show on Himalaya TV


Steps to vote for ‘The Voice Kids Nepal’ contestants from Khalti: 


Vote from the Khalti app (inside Nepal)

1) Go to ‘Voting’ on the Home Screen of the Khalti App

2) Tap on Vote Now in ‘The Voice Kids Nepal’

3) Now choose the Coach of Talent you want to vote for

4) And tap on “Vote” below the photo of the talent you want to vote for

5) Now choose the desired number of votes

6)  If the details are correct then tap on ‘Proceed to Pay’

7) Choose one of the payment methods available there and tap on Pay

8) If the details are correct then tap on ‘OK’

9) Your Voting will be successful


Vote from Khalti.com (from Abroad)  

1) Go to khalti.com and click on the “Vote Now” banner “The Voice Kids

2) You will reach Khalti’s International Voting Screen

3) Click on Vote and choose the Coach you want to vote for

4) Tap “Vote” below the photo of the talent you want to vote for

5) Choose the number of votes you want to vote

6) Enter your full name and email and click Submit

7) Keep the verification link to pay

8) Click on the link and if the information is correct then click on Pay with Card

9) You will be taken to the Card Payment Portal

10) Enter your VISA or Mastercard information and click Pay

11) Your voting will be successful. You can also download the voting receipt


Support your favorite The Voice Kids Talent by voting as much as possible. Know about the voting Packages and their charges below:


Number of Votes 

Vote Slab Amount Rate per Vote
1 Free (Sign up) FREE
1 Free (KYC) Free
2 Free (Banklink) Free
10 50 5
25 100 4
50 175 3.5
75 255 3.4
100 320 3.2
500 1550 3.1
1000 3000 3
Manual Vote Min Vote – 1000 3


*Note: Manually you can also vote from 1001 to unlimited by using Khalti

If you face any problem at any stage, you can message, call or email us at this number. Download Khalti App today and pay easily.


So vote for your Favorite Talents Now! 

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