Khalti has made itself available as a must-have feature in the modern lives of people. Who would not want a wallet that can be easily accessed and would assist in almost all the areas of online payment? Well, the answer is everyone!

There are many people asking the same question: What is Khalti? In simple Nepali terms, Khalti means a pocket. However, the Khalti that we are going to talk about in this article is a payment gateway that makes online payment as well as money sending and receiving easily in Nepal.

Who Can Use Khalti?

Anyone with a smartphone or a computer with the internet can use Khalti. Using Khalti is not complex either. In a computer,

  • Open your web browser
  • Type Khalti.com in the URL
  • After the website is open, you can register or log in for Khalti.

If in a smartphone,

  • Open your Play Store or App Store
  • Type Khalti in the search bar.
  • Install the application and verify it
  • You are ready to use Khalti with its magnificent features!

As a result of being able to use Khalti, you can perform many tasks like online payment in Nepal.

Why Businesses Need to Use Khalti As A Payment Gateway?

It should come as no surprise that businesses can use Khalti. Also, there is proof that businesses need to use Khalti so that their payment is made easily using Khalti’s gateway.

Why would you need Khalti as a payment gateway for your business? Here are the answers:


1. Easily Accessible:

Every business and its owners would like to have something that is very easily accessible. Well, Khalti is not an exception. It can be accessed by any individual and any business. In order to obtain Khalti, as mentioned earlier, you just need to either visit Khalti’s website or download the application that is available for both iOS and Android.

2. Feature of Khalti Pasal:

The facility of Khalti Pasal allows anyone to directly visit an agent who is nearby. The agent will be more than happy to assist you and transfer funds to your Khalti account. The transaction is not lengthy either. Not a bad deal, is it? This facility is hugely helpful if your business is not in the centre of the city as Khalti can be accessed anywhere and so can Khalti Pasal.


3. E-banking Partners:

There is not a single business that does not have e-banking partners. In the context of Nepal, all businesses prefer to have banks as their partners. Why? Well, it is much easier to have the money, salary included, being in a bank rather than in the business building itself. If a business can use Khalti as their official partner, then the distribution of salary can be done via Khalti, without visiting the bank.


4. Website Integration:

Each and every business has an identification which is their website. It is via the website of businesses that we get to know about the business. Without a doubt, websites are also used to market businesses. Also, the clients of a business can also directly pay the amount via Khalti that has been integrated into the website of the business.


5. Paying Online Bills:

Businesses need to pay bills, there is no doubt about that. Businesses may need to pay the electricity bill, rent (if they are on a rented building), trip charge if they are going for one and many more. Khalti has the facility to pay online bills without the representatives of the business having to go anywhere and stand in a line for a whole day. This facility is used by most businesses and it is likely to increase further.


6. The facility of Online Insurance Payment:

Suppose you are a business and you want your employees to have insurance. Imagine you are on a busy schedule but need to pay for insurance. Will you send your employees out on a busy schedule? Definitely not! This is why Khalti has the facility of online insurance payment. This feature allows a business or any individual to pay insurance bills on an online basis. The transaction is recorded and presented to you as well.


7. Easy to Market:

Marketing is definitely an important task for any business. Imagine you are opening a restaurant but have no time to market it. Just go for Khalti and integrate it into your website. This simple process may not look so much but it is definitely a huge step towards making your business in being recognized in the whole of Nepal.