The stage is set for an inspiring and empowering event – the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit & Awards 2023, where innovative minds and dynamic young entrepreneurs come together to showcase their business ideas and indulge themselves into the learning environment within different sessions and workshops regarding entrepreneurship. This year’s summit promises to be a comprehensive and enlightening experience, offering valuable insights, practical tips, and networking opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and industry leaders alike. 

The eagerly anticipated Youth Entrepreneurship Summit & Awards 2023 is scheduled to take  place on 12th August at Hotel Siddhartha View, Karkado, Nepalgunj. The event will run from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, offering a full day of insightful sessions, workshops, and keynote speeches on entrepreneurship.

To secure your spot at this event, a registration fee of Rs. 12000 is required, and in return, you will be provided with lunch and snacks during the event. The registration process is made easy with the option to pay through Khalti, and you can complete the process by verifying your KYC. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to be a part of a gathering that celebrates and empowers young entrepreneurs! 

Awards and Recognition

The winners of the Youth Entrepreneurship Awards will be awarded with a global recognition for their remarkable work. The winner’s prize includes a medal, trophy, flower bouquet, Token of Appreciation, and an A3 standard certificate. There is no age Barrier to receive an award. Anyone can be eligible to receive the awards. 


Award selection process

The awards will be determined by an independent selection by the SCHOOLASTIC FOUNDATION. The committee will carefully evaluate each application and conduct its research to identify the most deserving candidates. The judging process considers various aspects, including the nominee’s history, marketing strategies, brand positioning, core business, achievements, and patents. Additionally, the committee assesses their corporate social responsibility initiatives, financial performance, and innovative approaches to business operations and technology adoption. The award committee’s judgment is considered to be the final one.


What nominees get?

  1. National Media Coverage .
  2. Networking and Branding.
  3. FB boost and insta boost about their Business.
  4. Coaching from an international quality team.
  5. Free entrance on event day.
  6. Marketing and promotion of the business.


Terms and Conditions

  1. KYC is mandatory.
  2. The registration once done will be non-refundable.
  3. The organizers hold the right to change any rules & regulations or add new ones if it seems necessary.
  4. The Organizer will not return any documents or supplementary material submitted with an entry.
  5. The Organizers reserve the right to revoke an award in the event that any one of the conditions of this nomination is breached, even after the award presentation
  6. Once the entrepreneur is announced as a winner, he/she cannot withdraw from the nomination.


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