Banking, Finance and Insurance Institute of Nepal Limited (BFIN), on the occasion of its first anniversary, is all set to organize The First Annual Risk Management Conference in Nepal. This is the first of its kind risk management conference being organized in the country. The event will be held on the theme Risks and Uncertainty: Looking to the Future’ on 14 August 2019, at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank, Dr Chiranjibi Nepal will be gracing the ceremony as the chief guest. You can SMS BFIN to 37001 to know more about this conference.

Various prominent speakers from Banking and Financial Sector in India and Nepal will be presenting their insightful thoughts at the conference. Some of the speakers from India are:

Mr S. Sridhar, Former Chairman, Central Bank of India.

Mr Deepak Bhatia, Assistant General Manager, Exim Bank, India.

Mr Manoj Kumar Pandey, Professor, Birla Institute of Management and Technology (BIMTECH), India.

Dr Vinod Juneja, Director at SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited, India.

The program is targeted at BODs, CEOs, Department Heads, Managers and Officers from Banks and Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Officials from the private sector, Government Officials, Industry Leaders and other distinguished delegates from the corporate sector in Nepal.

Why is this Annual Risk Management Conference significant?

In recent years, the financial sector has witnessed growth and innovation. The financial sector is rapidly adopting new technologies. Digital transformation is shaping the industries. Big data are being managed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The work culture and the behaviour of the customers are changing in the financial sector across the world. All these transformations are bringing rewards and opportunities to the financial sector along with the risks and uncertainty posing great threats to the sustainability of the financial industries. Therefore, banks and financial institutions need to carefully manage the risks and rewards of these new opportunities. This Conference explores the regulatory guidelines, the risks associated with the large and retail investment projects and the digital innovation and risks in the banking and insurance sectors.

Message from Managing Director of BFIN

With the advancement of technology in banking and financial sector, risk management is becoming a key issue for consideration. Through Annual Risk Management Conference, we are aiming to share about the risks to the financial community and come up with remedial strategies. The conference will cover three main topics.

One of the main agenda of the conference is to share and discuss on the regulatory and supervisory perspective on risk management. Experts will be sharing insights on overall situation of risk in banking and financial sector of Nepal, what indicators should be taken into account to inculcate the risk, and what might be the remedial strategies.

Nepal is just making baby steps in the financial technology sector. Digital wallets and payment gateways are emerging. While we are making digital transformation, we also need to consider about the risks associated with these technologies, including cyber security and data security and how we can mitigate these risks.

Furthermore, the conference will also see a discussion on risks and remedial strategies for large and retail investment projects. We are inviting key resource persons and experts from India and within Nepal to share insightful information on this subject.

We are enthused to be celebrating our first anniversary on August 14 organizing this important conference. During the ceremony, we are also making some key announcements about partnerships. We are hopeful this will be an interesting and very important conference for everyone interested in banking and financial industry.

-Binod Atreya, Managing Director, BFIN

The conference will cover three topics mainly:

Topic 1. Regulatory and Supervisory Perspectives of Risk Management (11:00 AM-12:45 PM)
Session Chair Key Resource Person 1 Key Resource Person 2
Mr Maheshwor Lal Shrestha,

Executive Director, Nepal Rastra Bank

Mr. Bam Bahadur Mishra

Executive Director, Nepal Rastra Bank

Mr Sudeep Khanal,

Banking Expert

Topic 2. Risks and Remedial Strategies for Large and Retail Investment Projects (1:45 PM- 3:30 PM)
Session Chair Key Resource Person 1 Key Resource Person 2
Mr Gyanendra Pd. Dhungana,

President, Nepal Bankers’ Association

Mr S. Shridhar

Former Chairman of the Central Bank of India

Mr. Parshuram Kunwar Chhetri,

CEO, Janata Bank Nepal Ltd.

Topic 3. Digital Transformation and Risks in the Financial & Insurance Sector (4:00 PM – 6:00 PM)
Financial Sector 
Key Resource Person 1 Key Resource Person 2 Session Moderator
Mr Deepak Bhatia,

AGM, EXIM Bank, India

Mr Bijendra Suwal,


Dr Vinod Juneja,

Director, SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd, India

Insurance Sector
Key Resource Person 1 Key Resource Person 2 Session Moderator
Mr. Manoj Kumar Pandey,

Professor, BIMTECH, India

Mr Shiva Nath Pandey,

CEO, Surya Life Insurance Ltd.

Dr Binod Atreya

Managing Director, BFIN Ltd.

How to participate in the conference?

The program participation fee is Rs. 10,000 (exclusive of taxes) for the Organization and Rs. 10,000 (inclusive of taxes) if the participant is a student.

To attend this important conference, please send an email of nomination/participation to training@bfin.com.np within 31st July 2019.

You can get further information and updates about the conference through SMS also. For that, please type BFIN in your message box and send it to 37001.Sparrow SMS

About Banking, Finance and Insurance Institute of Nepal Limited (BFIN)

Banking, Finance and Insurance Institute of Nepal (BFIN) was established under Company Act 2063 on August 14, 2018. The main objectives of this Institute are to offer training, workshop and seminar and enhance the knowledge, skills and capabilities of the employees of the financial sector and other stakeholders, conduct research and consulting to strengthen the financial sector, offer specific accredited courses and create a data bank for the use of banking community and help strengthen the financial systems in Nepal.

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