We all do care about our home and family safety. Don’t we? Keeping that in mind, at Khalti – we would like to introduce you to HOME INSURANCE for the safety of your home from our Insurance partner: Siddhartha Premier Insurance 

You can subscribe to this Home Insurance Policy through the Khalti App to protect your home and personal property from unexpected damages or losses by fire, earthquake, and other natural disasters. The policy period is one year when policy subscribers can benefit from 25 lakhs up to 1 crore.

We will know more about the Policy and its coverage in this Blog.  




  The insurance policy will protect your home and personal property damage occurred from:

  • Fire or Burning of the building
  • Storm & Hurricane
  • Rainfall & Flood
  • Earthquake &  Landslide
  • Lighting or thundering
  • Explosion based loss
  • Aircraft or unusual objects falling from the sky
  • Impact based loss
  • Violent public disturbance, missile testing operations, and terrorism.
  • Other losses

However, the following causes for the damages and loss are not covered by the provided policy:

  • Loss or damage caused by a Reduction in Income, Profit, Reputation, Popularity, Production System, or Market value.
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment caused by High Voltage resulting from lightning.
  • Information and facts in the computer
  • Damage caused by the authorized body
  • Radioactive Materials, Nuclear, Chemical or Biochemical Weapons.
  • War and War-like situations
  • Theft
  • Others


Deductible Excess

  • Earthquake: 2% of the claim amount or Rs. 10,00,000/- whichever is less.
  • Water Based: 5% of claim amount or Rs. 500,000/- whichever is less
  • Other Damage: 1% of the claim amount or Rs. 500,000/- whichever is less
  • Loss below Rs. 10,000/- cannot be claimed.



The policy subscriber needs to inform the insurance company in written form within 35 days of the event of damage/loss and provide all the required documents and information to the claim handling team.  

NOTE: The policy subscriber cannot claim more than the coverage amount.

The claim can be made only in excess of the coverage amount deducted.  




Step 1: Sign-in/Login to Khalti 

Step 2: Go to Financial Service 

Step 3: Tap on Insurance

Step 4: Select ‘Home Insurance’

Step 5: Select ‘Self’ or ‘For Others’ accordingly

Step 6: Fill in the information with the required documents 

Step 7: Proceed to Pay  


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to secure your home. You can subscribe to the Policy for yourself or for your loved ones as well.   

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