Get ready to be pleasantly surprised with every tissue you pull!  Khalti is here to add a dash of excitement to your everyday essentials with the all-new Khalti DAAAMI QR now available in Pure tissue cartons!


Here’s the deal:

Grab a carton of Pure Tissues, scan Khalti’s DAAAMI QR using the Khalti app, and voilà! You’re in for a guaranteed Khalti balance ranging from Rs. 75 to Rs. 125. But wait, there’s more!

Lucky scanners might just hit the jackpot with a brand-new mobile phone as their bumper prize. Imagine the thrill of upgrading your tech game while stocking up on premium tissues!


How To Scan Khalti Daaami QR Inside the Pure Tissues Box?

Step 1: Buy a Carton of Pure Tissue

Step 2: Find DAAAMI QR in one of the tissue packets inside the carton

Step 3: Scan DAAAMI QR from Khalti app

Step 4:  Click on ‘Tap to Spin’

Step 5: Tap on Claim Now


Every carton is a sure-shot winner! Don’t miss your chance to win big with PURE’s “Pop-Up Tissue Surprise”


Terms & Conditions

  1. Pure Tissues Daaami Qr is for One time Scan only
  2. All the scanners will get a Khalti balance ranging from Rs. 75 to Rs. 125.
  3. One  Lucky winner will get a brand-new Smartphone at the end of the campaign. 
  4. Khalti’s decision in case of any dispute regarding this offer shall be final.


Important Note*:  Khalti Daaami QR, is available only in genuine Pure Tissue Boxes. Beware of imitations in the market! Choose authenticity for the best experience.


Frequently Asked Questions 


1) Where can we buy a carton of pure tissue?
– You can buy cartons of pure popup tissue in any closeby Plastic store,
departmental store, or pharmacy near you.


2) How many times can we scan the QR?
– The Pure Tissues Daaami QR can only be scanned once. The QR code cannot
be used after being scanned once.


3) How many Daaami QR are there in a single carton?
– Each carton contains 144 Packets of Pure PopUp Tissues and any one packet in
the carton has one Daaami QR.



So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest store, grab a carton of Pure Tissues, and let the scanning games begin!


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