We are seeking a highly motivated and results-oriented IT Officer to join our growing team, specializing
in hardware and software support for laptops and printers used in our corporate offices. You will play a
crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our technological infrastructure, minimizing downtime
for employees, and resolving hardware and software issues efficiently.



 Diagnose and troubleshoot hardware issues with laptops and printers, including overheating,
display problems, keyboard/trackpad issues, battery concerns, and connectivity problems.
 Perform repairs and replacements of faulty hardware components, considering cost-
effectiveness and warranty options.
 Maintain an inventory of spare parts and consumables for timely intervention.
 Implement preventative maintenance strategies to minimize hardware failures and extend
equipment lifespan.
 Stay updated on the latest hardware technologies and best practices for maintenance and
 Resolve software issues on laptops and printers, including operating system problems,
application errors, driver conflicts, and malware infections.
 Assist with software installations, updates, and configuration management.
 Provide technical support to users via phone, email, and in person for software-related queries.
 Monitor system performance and identify potential software issues proactively.
 Adhere to company security policies and procedures when dealing with software installations
and configurations.
Other Office Support:
 Prioritize and respond promptly to hardware and software support requests from employees in
corporate offices.
 Liaise with other IT departments like network and security teams as needed to resolve complex
 Document all support activities, including issue descriptions, troubleshooting steps, and
solutions implemented.
 Proactively identify recurring issues and suggest improvements to prevent them.
 Participate in IT projects related to hardware and software deployments, upgrades, and


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