List of Banks and Financial Institutions in Nepal

List of Banks and Financial Institutions in Nepal

The concept of banking in Nepal dates back to the first half of 20th century. The first bank that was established in the country was Nepal Bank Limited (NBL). It was founded in 1937 AD. Establishment of NBL marked the

Machhapuchchhre Bank Branchless Banking Service

Machhapuchchhre Bank Expands Branchless Banking Service to Mustang

Machhapuchhre Bank Limited (MBL) has started branchless banking services in four different locations in Mustang with an aim to extend its service across the country. The bank said in a statement that it has started the service at Marpha, Kagbeni,

Are you risking your financial health

Are you risking your financial health by not tracking your expenses?

Do you track your income, expenditure and overall finance? Are you risking your financial health by not tracking your expenditure? Don’t we all make sure our health is always in check. Similarly, we need keep all other aspects of our

Mobile wallet in Nepal (मोबाइल वालेट)

मोबाइल वालेट र मोबाइल बैङ्किङका बारेमा जान्नै पर्ने कुराहरू

मोबाइल एप्लिकेसनबाट पैसा जम्मा गरेर विभिन्न कारोबार गर्न सकिने सुविधालाई मोबाइल वालेट भनिन्छ । जसरी तपाइले तपाइको पर्स (वालेट)मा पैसा बोकेर हिड्नु हुन्छ त्यसरी नै मोबाइल वालेटलाई मोबाइलमा भएको तर पर्सले जस्तो काम गर्ने एप्लिकेसनको रूपमा प्रयोग गर्न सकिन्छ ।

How to Buy Mero Surakshya Mobile Protection Plan

How to Buy Mero Surakshya Mobile Protection Plan?

Are you afraid of losing or damage of your precious smartphone containing valuable data? No worries now. Mero Surakshya can come to your rescue. It will buy a new mobile phone for you if you lost it and will repair

Khalti Pasal in Sarlahi district

Khalti Pasal: Enabling digital transactions in retail shops across Nepal

Immediately after the launch of the mobile payment solution via apps and web service in 2017, Khalti team brought in the concept of turning normal shops into smart shops, namely, Khalti Pasal where all types of payments can be made

Single and Working? Plan Your Budget Today!

Situations and circumstances are something that are out of our control a lot more than in our control. Some situations leave women all on their own managing everything from paying bills to managing their finances on their own. It maybe

Khalti features while travelling

Top 5 Khalti features you can use while travelling

What Khalti features do you think you can use while travelling? Leaving the stress of one’s stressful life, and hitting the roads – who doesn’t want this? Travelling far and wide is on almost every other person list. And people

Digital payment in Nepal

Digital Payment in Nepal: A regulatory perspective

Better regulation of digital payment in Nepal is a must to prevent illicit activities, but citizens’ privacy should be protected Digital payment is a system which effects transactions for one or multiple parties without the need for cash. Digital payments