Uncertainty is the only certainty. Keeping the importance of ensuring the safety of ourselves and our loved ones in mind, Khalti introduced its health insurance service a year ago: Khalti Suraksha. With the aim of providing healthcare facilities to its users, and enhancing them further, Khalti now brings Suraksha Plus.


Introducing Suraksha Plus


Suraksha Plus is a package that offers coverage of up to Rs 5,30,000, including additional benefits such as Term Life Insurance and Critical Illness coverage. This package is prepared by MetLife Insurance and Himalayan Everest Insurance specifically for Khalti users. Additionally, users can receive discounts of up to 30% at various health service providers


Benefits in Suraksha Plus


Insurance Benefits

Insurance Coverage Amount

Any Cause Death

Rs 2,50,000

Critical Illness

Rs 50,000

Hospital Bed charge

Up to Rs 10,000

Accidental Medical Expenses

Up to Rs 100,000

Accidental Disability and Death 

Up to Rs 100,000

Funeral Expenses

Rs 20,000

Plus, there are other health care benefits worth Rs.1,50,000+ from various healthcare services (similar to Khalti Surakhsha).


Steps to subscribe Suraksha Plus

Step 1 – Sign in / Log into Khalti
Step 2 – Go to Financial Services
Step 3 – Select Insurance
Step 4 – Click on Suraksha Plus
Step 5- Click on ‘Buy for Self’ for yourself
Or Click on ‘Buy for Others’ for friends and families
Step 6- Fill in the required details
Step 7 – Proceed to pay


What are covered in Critical Illness?

Major Cancers, Strokes, First Heart Attack, Serious Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Valve Surgery, Primary Pulmonary Hypertension; End Stage Lung Disease, End Stage Liver Failure, Fulminant Hepatitis, Kidney Failure, Coma, Aplastic Anaemia, Major Organ/Bone Marrow Transplantation are covered.


Terms and Conditions

  • Pre-existing illness, suicide, disease other than Critical Illness are not covered
  • 60 days waiting period will be applicable for Critical Illness
  • The package price starts from Rs 760 and varies upon your age 
  • Age between 18 to 60 are only eligible to buy Suraksha Plus
  • Customers must provide the necessary documents required by Insurance Companies during claim process
  • All other terms and conditions of Khalti Suraksha are applicable


Claim Procedure

  • Contact Metlife Insurance at 5555166, Ext 231 for any cause of death and critical illness claim
  • Contact Himalayan Everest Insurance 9801970933 / 9801970934 for Hospital bed charge, Accidental and Funeral expenses claim.
  •  To claim a discount at health service providers, login to Khalti App and tap on the Gift icon. Share your promocode with respective health service providers while billing to get discounts.


What’s Plus in Suraksha Plus?


Khalti Suraksha

Suraksha Plus

Total Insurance coverage

Rs 2,30,000

Rs 5,30,000

Coverage benefits

Hospital Cash

Accidental Insurance

Accidental Death/ Disability

Funeral Expenses

Any cause Death

Critical Illness

Hospital Cash

Accidental Insurance

Accidental Death/ Disability

Funeral Expenses

Additional Benefits

Up to 30% discount at health service providers

Up to 30% discount at health service providers

Insurance Partners

Himalayan Everest Insurance

Metlife & Himalayan Everest Insurance


Rs 350

Starting at Rs 760


2-60 years

18 to 60 years

With just spending a nominal amount starting from Rs 760 you will get insurance coverage up to Rs 5,30,000.

Isn’t it captivating?


Don’t wait for tomorrow; secure your future today as Suraksha Plus saves you from the burden of unforeseen hospital bills.

Stay secured!


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