As the Payment Jatra 2081 has commenced, We have many exciting things to offer you guys among which is  ‘Share A Code’ where you can create your own promocode and become Khalti Influencer

So, what is Share a code ?

It’s a new addition to the Jatra where you can create and customize your own promo code and share it in your friends and family circle.

The promocode will be generated for any Khalti service Movies, Flights, Bluebook, Khalti Suraksha and many more. However, please note that the service will be randomly selected by the app.

One person can create one coupon codes in a week, the code will only be valid for a week.  Whether you have created code on Sunday or Thursday it will only be valid till Saturday only.  This will continue for the next 9 weeks. Also,  one code can only be redeemed once.


Bumper prize 

The one who creates a code will be eligible to win an Honor X7b Smartphone every week till the end of the campaign( 9 lucky winners).  Additionally, the person who creates, will get 10 Khalti Points after the redemption of each code.


Note: To be eligible for the Honor X7b Smartphone, the codes created in the week must have been redeemed 5 times


Steps to create code in “ Share my code “ 

  1. Sign in/Log into Khalti app.
  2. Right swipe in the home page of the Khalti app 
  3. You will land in “ Main Landing Page”
  4. Tap on “Create” icon 
  5. Customize your Unique code (Minimum 3 characters- Maximum 8 characters)
  6. Tap on next
  7. Spin the wheel 
  8. You code will be generate
  9. Share it with your friends and family 

Imagine the possibilities! You could be sharing codes for everything from flights to movies and beyond. It’s like being the fairy godmother of digital discounts. 

It’s time to spread the codes 🎉


Terms and condition 

  1.   This Share the Code is valid from Jestha 1 to Asar 31 
  2.  KYC verification is mandatory to Create  or redeem code. 
  3.   This offer is valid for Consumers only 
  4. Users can create one codes in a week. 
  5. Each code created  can only be redeemed five times . 
  6. You can not use your self created promocode 
  7. Users who created  code will be eligible to win Honor X7b after the redemption of the created code. 
  8. After the redemption of each code, the one who creates the code will win 10 Khalti Points. 
  9. The winner must come to the Khalti Office to claim the prize along with any one government-issued official document (citizenship, driver’s license, or passport)
  10. When claiming the prize, the winner must also bring their PAN Card.
  11. The prizes cannot be transferred to any other person.
  12. The winner will be responsible for covering the 25% TDS amount applicable to the prize.
  13. Khalti, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, with or without prior notice to the users.
  14. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Khalti shall be final and binding
  15. The winner must claim the prize within 15 days of the announcement of the winner.
  16. Khalti reserves the right to disqualify any winner if necessary.